Are atheists attacking the wrong god?

There comes a time when, on some particular issue, I start to feel that I have heard and said all that I really care to on that subject, have formed a pretty firm opinion about it, and am no longer really interested in debating its merits much more since I am unlikely to learn anything new. The only reason to further engage with the question is to challenge the propagation of ideas one thinks are wrong and harmful.
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Iceland’s rise in popularity of ancient Sumerian religion

The fastest growing religion group in Iceland is Zuism, that has already outstripped the number of Muslims in that country. What is Zuism?

Zuism is based on ancient Sumeran texts and the Sumeran religion is one of the world’s oldest religions, believed to be the basis of the world’s religions. It survived for instance in the mythologies and religions of ancient cultures such as the Babylonians, Assyrians, Hurrians, Akkadians, Egyptians, Romans and other culture groups.

According to Sumerian mythology, the primordial union of An and Ki produced Enlil, who became leader of the Sumerian pantheon. After the deities banished Enlil from the home of the Gods, Dilmun for raping the goddess Ninlil, she had a child, Nanna, god of the moon, Nanna and Ningal gave birth to Inanna, the goddess of war and fertility and to Utu, the god of the sun.

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