Once again, Jon Stewart takes Fox News to the woodshed

Howard Kurtz on his show on Fox News once again brings up the idea that by going to the White House twice, Jon Stewart has proved that he is a stooge for president Obama. Kurtz should have known better because there is nothing that seems to get Stewart’s energy up than taking Fox News hypocrisy and flinging it back in their faces and he has a grand old time here, showing Kurtz how a takedown should be done and in the process revealing Kurtz’s own hackery.
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The strange status of Washington DC

On the latest episode of his show Last Week Tonight John Oliver looks at the history of how the residents of the District of Columbia ended up without many of the basic electoral rights that the rest of the nation enjoys, the way that Congress interferes with and overrides its decisions, and the feeble excuses given for maintaining the status quo.

You must listen to the song sung by the children at the end, beginning at the 15:30 mark. It is hilarious.
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