Lies, truth, what does it matter?

At the last Republican debate, both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were shown clips of their previous statements that directly contradicted their claims about their stances on immigration. Were they fazed by this? Not at all. Republicans have learned that these days, all that matters is the ability to look directly at the camera and say whatever the hell you want with a straight face. If you can do that, your fans will stay with you. ‘Never back down, never apologize’ has become their mantra.
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Fighting ‘history and tradition’ racism

Those who try and change racist symbols and names like that of the Washington football team immediately come right up against that brick wall of the ‘It’s our tradition and as long as we think its not racist, it can’t be racist’ argument. I cannot afford to laugh at such ridiculous arguments because the people of Cleveland use that same argument to defend the racist Chief Wahoo baseball logo.
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Four snippets of political humor

I: As Ed Pilkington reported after attending Donald Trump’s rallies, his main weapon is humor. Trump gets the crowd laughing before setting them afire with his incendiary statements. But comedy is hard and as any stand up comic on tour can attest, you have to keep generating new material to keep the fans coming.

And so it was with one Trump fan who complained that his rallies were becoming boring because his jokes were getting a little old. He said that Trump needed to create new material but was booted out of the rally for his helpful comments.

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