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Jun 06 2014

Judaism’s problems with evolution

We tend to think that opposition within the Abrahamic religions to the teaching of evolution and sex education in schools is driven by Christians and Muslims, and that the Jewish religion is more flexible in its ability to interpret its scriptures and thus has no problems with either.

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Apr 16 2014

Problems of the American university

One problem that has received plenty of attention is the astronomical rise in the cost of higher education that is either preventing some from thinking of college at all or resulting in them graduating with crippling debt that strongly inhibits their career choices and lives. A graduate with large student loans is more likely to …

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Oct 15 2013

Multiple-choice testing in kindergarten

The appalling testing mania that is permeating US education has steadily been going down to lower and lower grade levels. It has now reached even the kindergarten level, with little children having to learn how to answer multiple choice tests, one of the worst forms of assessment.

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Oct 14 2013

We’re geeks and proud of it

Case Western Reserve University has been named one of the top ten geekiest colleges in the nation. (You can see the rankings in other categories here.) The list was compiled by HerCampus. In its description of my university, the site says:

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Jul 24 2013

Stop slandering the millennial generation

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.00.04 AM

Matt Bors has an outstanding cartoon where he takes to task those who dump on today’s younger generation as whiny, needy, lazy, self-absorbed, narcissistic and tech-immersed, who demand instant and constant gratification. Very often this is blamed on indulgent parents who refuse to let their children grow up but hover them protectively for far too …

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Jun 09 2013

Good riddance to Gordon Gee

Gordon Gee, the recently resigned president of Ohio State University because of a series of intemperate remarks, symbolized the worst aspects of the corporatization of the university. He clearly saw himself in the CEO mold and was not shy about extracting the maximum personal salary, perks, and benefits for himself by jumping from job to …

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Mar 13 2013

Teaching intelligent design in biology classrooms

William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA is a Christian evangelical institution that has as its mission to “prepare Christians for leadership and service in church and society, through Christian higher education, spiritual formation, and directed experiences”, so you can see that it is a religious institution through and through. What surprised me is that up …

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Feb 24 2013

Misguided attempt at engaging students

Columbia physics professor Emlyn Hughes was assigned to teach a course on quantum mechanics to undergraduates. His first class was bizarre, to put it mildly. This is what happened in the first five minutes.

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Nov 11 2012

Rich people and education reform

My attention as drawn to this news item about Rupert Murdoch attacking New Jersey governor Chris Christie for his embrace of president Obama’s assistance after Hurricane Sandy.

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Aug 26 2012

What college students should study

It’s back to school time and Stephen Walt has some suggestions for what any student aspiring to a career in foreign policy or international relations should learn about while in college. I thought that it was a good list for people going into any field of study and so pass it along.

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