Jesus the avenger

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live released the ‘trailer’ for Djesus Uncrossed made in the Quentin Tarantino style with lots of gruesome violence, with Jesus as the star of a revenge fantasy. As you can imagine, some Christians are not happy, especially that perpetual outrage machine Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

But Mark Silk argues that the idea of an avenging Jesus riding in on a white horse is consistent with the image portrayed in the Book of Revelation, saying “Of course, this isn’t the image of Jesus that has imprinted itself on the minds of most of his followers. But up to and including the sword, the blood-dipped vesture, and the white horse, SNL’s enactment is canonical as hell.”

In fact, as I understand it, the Left Behind series of books is pretty much a blood-soaked telling of the end times in which the evildoers (i.e., those not saved by Jesus) meet the most gruesome ends at his hands, and Christians have just lapped up the stories making them into blockbuster bestsellers. (See here and here for more about the books and the rapture.)

Maybe the cause of all the unhappiness over the SNL sketch is that Jesus uses an assault weapon. We know how religious people are sticklers for scriptural authenticity.

Here’s the sketch.