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May 28 2014



This story about the the market for Bigfoot erotica was only plausible up to a point. Obviously, I have no problem believing that an attractive woman might have sex with a hideous hairy grunting beast, and even enjoy it, but the little details tripped me up. 1. The Sasquatch’s name is…Leonard. 2. The author is …

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May 28 2014

That’s awesome!

DrSkySkull thinks it is anticlimactic, but I’m kind of impressed. To find out what it would look like if a person fell into lava, some investigators made up a bag of 30kg of organic camp trash and threw it into a lava flow (they apparently couldn’t get any real human volunteers). Spectacular! After I die, …

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May 27 2014

They’re crossing the streams!

Nothing good can come of this.

May 27 2014

Not racist at all

Learn from a Nobelist in economics: all you have to do to not be a racist is prefix all your racist comments with the claim that you have no racial prejudices, like Friedrich Hayek. Robert Chitester: Going back to the question I asked you about people you dislike or can’t deal with, can you make …

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May 21 2014

Harken back to the satanic panics of yesteryear

Ah, the 1980s. When every preschool was a hotbed of satan worshipping child abusers, police departments had ‘experts’ on ritual murder, daytime talk TV would run very special episodes on cultic cannibal orgies, and Jack Chick published Dark Dungeons. You’ve read it, right? The story about Dungeons & Dragons giving you actual magical powers that …

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May 20 2014

The sexbots are everywhere!


After that short post yesterday pointing out the abuse of photoshop to distort women’s bodies, I was briefly harangued by a loon who announced that I obviously did not understand the concept of sexual selection. women’s bodies today are changing due to sexual selection whether you like it or not. Humans use tools to sculpt …

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May 19 2014

Why did the old masters waste their time painting fatties?

Don’t worry, though, photoshop can “rescue” famous paintings, and make the women in them look…eww. Wait a minute, maybe those old guys knew what they were doing.

May 13 2014

What blessed drivel is this?


Every once in a while, an obscure science journal somewhere just has to demolish their reputation by allowing their editors to publish garbage. Case in point: The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, has published an editorial titled, “Can modern biology interpret the mystery of …

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May 09 2014

Beware the wrath of Canadians


May 07 2014

Who wants robot bees?

This short film is intended to “raise awareness of the growing disappearance of honey bees”, a worthy goal, but all I could think while watching it is “ROBOT BEES ARE AWESOME!” I doubt that is the response they want. Besides, we’re nowhere near making tiny robots as elegant as real bees. GREENPEACE – NEW BEES …

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