Feb 03 2013

Aw, jeez, Minnesotans are always talking about the weather

I mean, really, sometimes it just gets ridiculous. This guy jabbers on and on and on for almost 9 minutes about boring ol’ weather.

(via PetaPixel.)


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  1. 1
    Lithified Detritus

    As a confirmed weather geek, I can only say – WOW!

  2. 2
    thunk: turmite city


    The weather is damned interesting.

  3. 3

    Well, we do get such a wide variety of weather in Minnesota, much of it lethal. Right now it is doing its best impression of Antarctica.

    I miss green plants and liquid water.

  4. 4

    Pfft. That’s nothing. Us brits constantly whine about it. Well, I don’t but that’s because I know better ;)

    Nothing you can do about the weather.

  5. 5

    Were always talking about it here in SoCal as well. As recently as last Friday, I said “Damn, another 72 degree day in February.”.

    Seriously, it is usually colder so I had taken out my winter cloths. long pants and long sleeved shirts, so I was actually uncomfortably warm.

  6. 6

    impressive for those of us who live inside a hemmed in cityscape and only see a dark sky.

  7. 7

    Weather is the thing to talk about, anytime, anywhere. Always.

  8. 8

    I’ve heard tell that God gaves us the weather so that Englishmen would havesomething to talk/complain about.

  9. 9
    Akira MacKenzie

    Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody wants to do a thing about it.

  10. 10
    twas brillig (stevem)

    Here in New England the saying is “Don’t like the weather? Wait 10 minutes, it’ll change”. While not as EXTREME as Minnesota, but is somewhat more _chaotic_ (I think).

  11. 11

    Well, if *you* had the kind of weather they have in Minnesota, YOU’D talk constantly about it too!

    Oh….. uh….. wait a minute. You *do* live in Minnesota…..

    …..never mind…..

  12. 12

    Gaaah! Tornadoes. Don’t like. Don’t like at all.

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