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Dec 14 2013

Godless Dollars For Buskers

There’s a busker on the corner With a beat-up old guitar And he’s singing ‘bout some wise men Who were following a star And the night is getting chilly And he’s missed a meal or two Could be sadness; could be frostbite But he’s looking rather blue Stop and listen to his music, And to …

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Nov 18 2013

Atheist Christmas Verses, Poems, Cards…

… and all proceeds going to charity. So checking the site stats today, I note that it is the beginning of the season for searching google for “atheist christmas poem”, “atheist christmas cards”, “atheist xmas” and the like. So I just thought I’d link again, to the only collection you need. Some 17 verses, 32 …

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Dec 11 2012

Clearly, They Were Rehearsing For Cephalopodmas

Chris Clarke, over at Pharyngula, gives us the “real story” (that is, the lamestream media cover-up) of a massive Humboldt squid stranding near Santa Cruz. He shows his hand, though, in his choice of headline. As someone privy to the inner circle of cephalopodian machinations, I am offering you the *real* story. (I am stunned …

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Dec 03 2012

Gift-Giving, And Much More.

Ok, first a couple of things to get out of the way. One–got an announcement from the EvolveFish people that their stuff is on sale. I get no money from them at all, but I must say I am biased toward a couple of things on their site. Two–I wouldn’t say this at all, cuttlefish …

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Nov 16 2012

Sepia Friday

That is, not quite Black Friday (or CyberMonday) yet. But I’ve been tweaking the store just a little bit, so consider this a soft opening. Let me know if there are any problems. There are the regular Cuttlefish With Quill t-shirts and such, the best mug in the world (and matching glassware, if you like), …

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Dec 15 2007

It was Cephalopodmas…

It was Cephalopodmas, and all through the blogsNot a writer was stirring—all sleeping like logs.Each blogosphere-dweller, from Orac to PZWas all bundled up and just taking it easy.Their prone, sleeping forms, that might well have been graniteSlept through the most wonderful tale on the planet!For all ‘cross the globe, from the oceans and seas,All the …

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Nov 26 2007

A Squidmas Carol

Now… I am not, technically, a fan of Squidmas; I have always preferred the more inclusive Cephalopodmas, myself. But some shiftless bum who goes by the name “shiftlessbum” asked nicely, on Pharyngula, if I could “pen a Squidmas carol”. So here is the first. First thing–it is not a poem, it is a song; if …

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