The Perfect Cephalopodmas Gift

A couple of years ago, I bought Cuttledaughter a necklace for cephalopodmas. It was beautiful, and she loves it. Being the altruistic cuttlefish I am, I thought I’d let everyone else in on the find, and share Noadi’s art with you.

(For those who care, I am not being compensated for this; I make the recommendation because the piece I bought was perfect, and I thought my readers might share some of my impeccable taste.)

For instance… a beautiful blue-ringed octopus? (click to embiggen)
Blue Ringed Octopus necklace

Or… a cosmic cuttlefish necklace?
Cosmic Cuttlefish necklace

Or if your taste runs more toward vertebrates… a platypus ornament?
platypus ornament

Or for old school gamers who know that “actually, it’s about tentacles in games journalism”…
D-20 die in the clutches of a tentacle.

I have more, but you can visit the site and see even more than what I have.

From the cuddliest of cuttlefish, to the cutest Lovecraftian horrors, from bacteria to adorable sea otters, and much much more sci-art you can wear or hang from your cephalopodmas tree, check out her shop.


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