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Jan 14 2014

Meanwhile, In Cow Piss News…

Livescience.com, just yesterday, ran a story on a new health drink, made from cow urine. It’s been slightly updated, with mentions of a 2012 and a 2013 rat studies, but the main story is something we’ve seen before, back in 2009. Most of the quotes in yesterday’s article are actually from ’09. As is this …

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Aug 29 2013

This Bullshit Is Brought To You By The Letter “A”

A is for Alligator—look at that bite! A is Albino—he’s totally white A, Acupuncture; let’s poke him with pins A, Anecdotal; the evidence spins A is for Alt-Med, which doesn’t do shit… A is for Asshole: I hope she gets bit. Via the Beeb, a story (with video I can’t embed here, but he’s a …

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Aug 27 2012

Some Thoughts On Faith-Healing

… because I saw The Atheist Pig’s cartoon today. It takes something I don’t have to be able to convey so much in 4 panels with simple drawings. Anyway, it reminded me of an old verse of mine: (Every word of this is true.) A friend of mine, some thirty years ago, The eldest son, …

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Aug 07 2012

Olympic Placebos

The reality’s hard to escape: It’s just sticky and bright-colored crepe. It’s absurd, or it’s funny; It’s made lots of money— The placebo, Kinesio Tape Just a few observations, prompted by a post on NPR’s Health Blog and by my observations of the US Olympic trials. That brightly colored tape adorning the shoulders, legs, and …

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Dec 28 2011

Times Square Jumbotron Strikes Again

Via James Randi’s Swift, a time-sensitive message. Remember when the National Vaccine Information Center ran ads this past April, on the Times Square Jumbotron? They’re baaaack: (Important stuff, after the jump:)

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Nov 30 2011

Burzynski The Bold (A Ballad)

Some folks would give up; Some folks would just quit, When they look for three decades, but only find shit. But some can make hay from a whole lot of zero… Like Dr Burzynski, the medical hero. Though his method is lacking empirical proof Looking less like a treatment and more like a spoof That …

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Oct 31 2011

Homeopathic Science

It’s a wholly different system– There are data, but you missed ‘em, In the infinite dilution of our minds! Modern medicine is bleaker Cos our evidence is weaker, Which is stronger, as our different system finds! All those articles and studies That you put out with your buddies, Which you think will make your evidence …

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Feb 02 2008

Vaccination Fixation

Oh, pity poor Orac! He’s feeling the love of the anti-vax folks, who apparently think he is a stupid-head. So this one, like it or not, is for you, Orac. It’s obvious that ignorance combined with desperationAnd deliberate distortion mixed with misinterpretationNot to mention giant leaps of overstressed imaginationMay result in opposition to a helpful …

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Jan 31 2008

The Enzyte Song (The Biggest Dicks Of All)

Well, it looks like “Smilin’ Bob” won’t be smiling much for a while.  The (Cincinnati) Enquirer reports that Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, the makers of Enzyte, are in court, accused of defrauding customers… to the tune of $100 million. That’s an awful lot of male enhancement. James Teegarden Jr., the former vice president of operations at …

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Dec 29 2007

No vaccine for arrogance…

Orac reports on the latest pinhead celebrity to jump onto the anti-vax bandwagon. Yup, it’s that walking, talking hairpiece, The Donald. The anti-vax pinheads are a group I find particularly annoying. My aunt had polio. My grandparents’ generation saw the Salk vaccine for the wonder that it is, and saw polio for the danger it …

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