Burzynski going ka-boom

First, a nice bit of news: Marc Stephens, the lunatic who stirred up the recent blogospheric buzz with his clumsy thuggery, no longer has a “professional relationship” with the Burzynski clinic, that warehouse of quackery. One thing about charlatans is that they have a fine-tuned sense of who might be hurting their bottom line.

But the damage has already been done. The Burzynski clinic is getting scrutinized.

Josephine Jones is tracking all the commentary.

And this is rich: Jen McCreight digs into the Burzynski publications list. Would you believe it’s a collection of marginal, low-impact journals and unreviewed conference presentations? Yeah, I knew you would.

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  1. Glen Davidson says

    When are these idiots going to learn that you can’t demand that the truth not be told in the internet age?

    At least they’re not just stupid (or just greedy) with respect to medicine, they’re stupid about trying to bully people as well.

    Glen Davidson

  2. illuminata says

    The Streisand Effect for the win!

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about Stevens; this clinic needs to be shut down and that scumbag conman Burzynski needs to be in jail. After he pays back the people who’s desperation he exploited for obscene amounts of money.

  3. Emrysmyrddin says

    Kudos to all the bloggers involved, especially to Rhys Morgan; I’m not sure that I have the sheer mettle he has at 17 than I have to this day.

  4. madscientist says

    I hope the Feds haul Berzynski off to court then off to jail. The last time he got off scot free. Maybe there should be a public fund to help the FDA out with lawsuits? Ceilingcat knows the current GOP will never allow the FDA to have any more funding for such things.

  5. says

    My understanding is that Texas is looking at revoking his medical practice license and at least one person has written the FDA inquiring about the poor trial status and results.

    Remember Burzynski can only treat patients who are enrolled in clinical trials, yet for the past 5 years, he hasn’t even attempted to publish results of these ‘trials’.

  6. Fear Uncertainty Doubt says

    Sad to say that the alt med crowd may spin this as a maverick being unfairly persecuted. This guy may end up as a martyr for the quack lovers.

  7. shouldbeworking says

    Ok, he maybe imploding, but what happens to the poor people he was mistreating? They wasted time getting treatments that wouldn’t work, instead of treatments that could have worked. I know what is like to have a family member in he lat stages of cancer. You grasp at anything. Fortunately, my dad volunteered for experimental therapy in a reputable hospital.

    Does the quack get to walk away with the money from the victims of his scam?

    There are people who think Wakefield is the victim of a conspiracy led by Bg Pharma and the Science-industrial Complex.

  8. Ichthyic says

    This guy may will end up as a martyr for the quack lovers.


    the purpose of pointing out frauds and conmen, isn’t so much to cure the conned, as to prevent others from BEING conned.

  9. Ichthyic says

    what happens to the poor people he was mistreating?

    they get the idea that they need to move on to treatments that might work?

    or at the very least stop wasting their money.

  10. John Morales says


    This guy may end up as a martyr for the quack lovers.


    (Then we can laugh at them even more!)

  11. Ichthyic says

    or at the very least stop wasting their money.

    or they might have a shot at suing him in civil court?