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Jul 08 2014

Vials Labeled “Variola” Found. Could Have Been Worse.

Unless you are from Brazil, the scariest news today may have been the discovery of forgotten, unsecured, vials labeled “variola” (smallpox, to you and me) in an NIH lab. Hey, at least it was labeled! I’ve been cleaning out my office these past weeks, and if that NIH lab had been anything like my office, …

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Feb 28 2014

Medical Miracle In Mississippi! (or, I am one cynical bastard)

The word “miracle” isn’t used lightly Such conclusions are best left unsaid There’s a time and a place for such words, though, Like the man who came back from the dead! They’d detected no pulse, and no breathing So they’d fitted his toe with a tag And they sent him away for embalming… But his …

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Nov 03 2013

The Insurance Scam

My insurance covers fractures (Like most policies I’ve known) Which is wasteful for the people Who don’t have a broken bone And it also covers polio’s Expensive medications Just in case it makes a comeback— It’s been gone for generations Why, my policy protects me From the rarest stuff on earth So I’m working on …

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Sep 16 2013

Resistant Strains

The nasty microscopic bugs We try to fight with special drugs Consider penicillin just a problem to be solved We dose ourselves at every cough And kill a large percentage off Forgetting that survivors mean the critters have evolved And now, the CDC explains, We’re dealing with resistant strains And every day that passes brings …

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Sep 06 2013

Anxiety In Hindsight

There’s a tenseness in your stomach And a flutter in your heart You may find it hard to focus Any noise can make you start Since it came upon you slowly Or your thoughts were turned aside You believed it would be something You could easily abide Hell, you might not even notice As you …

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Aug 29 2013

This Bullshit Is Brought To You By The Letter “A”

A is for Alligator—look at that bite! A is Albino—he’s totally white A, Acupuncture; let’s poke him with pins A, Anecdotal; the evidence spins A is for Alt-Med, which doesn’t do shit… A is for Asshole: I hope she gets bit. Via the Beeb, a story (with video I can’t embed here, but he’s a …

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Jun 01 2013

Belief In Satan Leads To Terrible Things… In Priests.

It isn’t just God that believers believe in— There are angels and demons as well; But I don’t really think there’s a Devil at all So I guess I’ll be heading for Hell There’s a priest who believes that he’s figured us out; Though his logic’s a little bit odd; Not believing in Satan (he …

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May 25 2013


We ought, I thought (and thought I knew), With some diseases, be all through— There’s no excuse, I used to scoff, To deal today with Whooping Cough. We’ve got vaccines! And people know It doesn’t cost a lot of dough Compare the cost to other stuff And really, now, it isn’t tough To gain the …

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Nov 30 2011

Burzynski The Bold (A Ballad)

Some folks would give up; Some folks would just quit, When they look for three decades, but only find shit. But some can make hay from a whole lot of zero… Like Dr Burzynski, the medical hero. Though his method is lacking empirical proof Looking less like a treatment and more like a spoof That …

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Oct 24 2011

World Polio Day

Lines on the return of Polio A mother, doing what she thinks is right Believes the lies and chooses now to fight; She will not vaccinate. She is too young; How quickly we forgot the iron lung. So today is World Polio Day, and the news is mixed. The good news is, it’s still a …

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