Replacing Obamacare With Personal Responsibility

You must be held responsible
For choices—that’s the answer!
Your health care bills are lower when
You “just say no!” to cancer

You chose to have a birth defect,
And you know what that means—
You need to pay a penalty
For badly picking genes

You must confront your illnesses
And tell them who the boss is;
It’s all your fault—you’re turning all
Our profits into losses!

The infant with a faulty heart
The vet who lost an arm
These folks made faulty choices
And their choices led to harm

The son with diabetes, or
The grandpa with a stroke
The system that sustains them
Is the one I say is broke!

Your parachute is faulty
So let’s cut the safety net
We’ll replace it with some… something…
But let’s not replace it yet

If we just reward the sickly
With the medicines they seek,
We’ll remove their motivation,
So we’ll only make them weak

You see, “that which does not kill us
Makes us stronger”, goes the lie
Which is told by the survivors
As the non-survivors die

It’s a matter of priorities
(To say so just seems funny)
Do we make the case for saving lives?
Or else, for saving money?

(The latter—saving money, though…
Ok, save money—whose?
If “money for investors”,
It’s the people who will lose)

Let’s save all of us some money
By not covering the sick!
That’s the president’s proposal
And the president’s a dick.

But the Congress! They will save us!
Representing you and me!
Well… unless we need resistance
From the current GOP.

There’s a medical condition
Which is keeping them in line:
In a tragic freak of nature,
They were born without a spine.


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