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Mar 29 2014

There Are Miracles, And Then There Are Miracles

Be careful what you pray for.

Dec 15 2013

A Whovian “Regeneration Carol”

Much better than the original date-rape version.

Dec 14 2013

Godless Dollars For Buskers

There’s a busker on the corner With a beat-up old guitar And he’s singing ‘bout some wise men Who were following a star And the night is getting chilly And he’s missed a meal or two Could be sadness; could be frostbite But he’s looking rather blue Stop and listen to his music, And to …

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Oct 22 2013

Free? I’m There!

The college held a vendor fair So I was there. Cos when it comes to cool free stuff Can’t get enough! It’s really mostly useless crap But it’s a trap… I’m victim to, it seems to me, The lure of “Free!” Yup… I wrote that with a free pen, on a free pad of paper, …

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Sep 23 2013

That Sunday Ritual

It was late in the quarter—as if in a dream, I was watching the game, but this can’t be my team, Cos they’re moving the ball, and they’re picking up steam There’s a chance that they might even score! My eyes, as I watch, must be starting to gleam As I rant and I rave …

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Mar 07 2013


I first met her in 1993, her first semester in college. She sat in the front row of my 270-person section of Cuttlefishology, and never missed a day. Over the next years, she took 4 other classes from me, including an independent study that produced what still is the best paper I have received in …

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Apr 25 2012


Thank you so much for your responses to the previous post! It may take me a while to throw together the post I have planned and for which I needed your input. In appreciation of your comments, I give you a video which moved me to tears, because neither Kermit nor Jim Henson were part …

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Apr 24 2012

A Very Serious Non-Scientific Poll

I am seriously looking for your input on this; I assure you it is not a trick question, but what I think to be a very simple and straightforward one. That said, I am not doing this as a multiple-choice poll, but open-ended, for reasons which I will reveal at a later date. Please do …

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Jan 14 2012


Got up before 5 this morning, and drove 13+ hours. Still feeling it. Watching New England dissect the Broncos. As a displaced Browns fan, I love to watch the Broncos lose. As a displaced Browns fan, I know never to count the Broncos out. They may have Tebow pointing skyward, but any Browns fan can …

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Sep 20 2011


There’s a new Shel Silverstein book out.