Passing The Hat

Three quick things. (No verse–serious stuff)

First… Alex Gabriel can just flat-out write. If you don’t read Godlessness In Theory, you really should. I’ve written before, he’s one I really love to read, even when he writes about stuff I don’t particularly care about (because, did I mention, the man can make words sit up and do tricks), and especially on stuff I do care about (and even then, I don’t just agree; I learn). So, yeah, thing one (at this point, you might have noticed how clumsily I, myself, can sometimes put things) is–Alex can write, and you should read him.

Second…I have been having a conversation with someone recently (I won’t say too much, because things are in the works, and it may be that I have something extraordinarily cool to share with you soon, but..) and have come to the inescapable conclusion that some things are worth paying for. Not just the plumber who fixes the flood in your basement, but the artist whose painting/drawing/etching/sculpture/essay/poem is the focal piece of your living room/office/city hall/advertising campaign/life. Why should something that moved you to tears and changed your outlook get less support than something that sealed up that crack in your driveway? Yes, I know, there is only so much money, and (thanks, Maslow and your hierarchy of needs) some priorities must be acknowledged… but those of us who are privileged to have homes, food, security, and companionship, are in the position where we don’t have to forego the value of X because of a possibility of, say, starvation… anyway…

Third. Very long time readers (but not the majority) know that I once, years ago, asked for help. And received it. And did something I could not have possibly done without your help. My readers here (actually, at the old digs) did more than my own academic department did, allowing me to take advantage of an opportunity I would not have otherwise experienced (recent readers… just accept it; I’d really rather not go back and call attention to stuff). In other words… I know how powerful you are. The few extremely generous, and the many donating a few bucks. I have not asked since then; what I have in my life right now are wants, not needs. I hope to never ask again, for myself, unless I am in actual need. And I hope to never be in need.

I’m sure everyone here can put 1 and 1 and 1 together and come up with roughly 3. Alex could use your help, and has (if, like me, you read him) earned it. I’ll be heading over to stuff something in his tip jar, and I’m just letting you know it’s there. And it’s worth reading. And worth paying for. And (as someone who has eaten a few meals literally out of donations tossed in my hat, I can say) even a little bit can help.

Oh, and any melodrama in this post? Blame it on me, not him. Dude can write; me, I just make shit rhyme.

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