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Jul 20 2013

At The Risk Of More Competition…The Limerick Contest!

I have to tell you (I was just informed myself, as was my source, the good people at the OEDILF) of the International Limericks Competition. (And it is indeed “the” Limerick competition, based in Limerick, Ireland, as it is.) Free to enter, up to three entries, must be original and in proper limerick form, with …

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Dec 09 2007


Of all the creatures in the worldDeserving to be knit (and purled)I think it’s clear, we all would wishA cute and cuttly cuddlefish. A comment-writer, “Impolite”Has, very clearly, got it rightSo now, the screen of my computerShows a pic that can’t be cuter It’s beautiful, this much is clear,So huggable, so very dear, So soft …

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