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Jul 09 2012


What all well-dressed cars will be wearing this season...

So I got bored. A bit of scrap wood, a scroll saw, and some paint later…

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Jul 03 2012

If You Give A Cuttlefish A Rainbow Oreo Cookie…

Rainbow Cuttlefish

…He’s gonna want to share it with everyone.

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Jun 22 2012

Second Best Mug Ever

This one, right here. Best mug ever? This one.

May 23 2012

Great-Grand-Dad In The News

A comment yesterday points to this story, of the discovery of fossilized squid ink, which they say is essentially identical in composition to the ink of modern cuttlefish. “The whole machinery apparently has been locked in time and passed down through succeeding generations of cuttlefish. It’s a very optimized system for this animal and has …

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May 09 2012

Now, This Is An Intelligently Designed Cuttlefish

From the good people at Cuttlefish Country (I’ve written about them and their work before), a LEGO cuttlefish! (pic, and more, after the jump:)

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Dec 09 2011

A Cephalopodmas Tale

Blame PZ–he posted this. WHich reminded me of a cephalopodmas tale from long ago… It was Cephalopodmas, and all through the blogs Not a writer was stirring—all sleeping like logs. Each blogosphere-dweller, from Orac to PZ Was all bundled up and just taking it easy. Their prone, sleeping forms, that might well have been granite …

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Nov 11 2011

Bad Pun Of The Day

I don’t mind eels Except as meals And the way they feels –Ogden Nash This video shows the favored result of an encounter between an octopus and a moray eel. There are other videos out there that show a different result; you can find those yourself. We are cephalopod people here. Looks mighty tasty to …

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Nov 10 2011

Am I Making Myself Clear?

With a predator beneath you, looking up to see your shadow, It is good to be transparent, so the light just passes through But a nearby light’s reflection makes you sparkle like a diamond, So a darker pigmentation is the better thing to do. Those are two competing strategies, and mutually exclusive Each has fatal …

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Oct 10 2011

Ok, Now It’s Personal

The intimidatingly brilliant Scicurious has challenged (or been challenged? It’s all so hazy) the Cuttlefish readership, in the Donors Choose competition. Pity her, but don’t act on that pity. Crush her, or let her readers help her. I know we can win–I know my readers. Remember (as per this post), number of donors is crucial, …

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Sep 16 2011

More Trouble For Giant Cuttlefish

As if things were not bad enough Point Lowly now has seals Who may decide that cuttlefish Make very tasty meals. For now, they dine on snappers, but They still are a concern With fur seals by the dozen… Will the cuttlefish return? Via email from John Morales, minutes ago, more bad news for the …

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