“The Squid’s Embrace…”

Down in the depths
Of the salty Atlantic
A seaglider measured the signs of the sea–
Monotonous work,
And it isn’t romantic,
At least, I’d be bored if the glider were me

Up to the surface
And down to the bottom
Again and again, that was all that it did
No chance for a hickey,
Yet, somehow, it’s got ’em!
A gift from the hug of an amorous squid

Of all of the stories
That science discovers
The saddest of tales that I’ve ever heard (yet!)
Is the tragic ordeal
Of the two star-crossed lovers
The Romeo Squid and his fair Juliet.

Over at Deep Sea News, evidence of the tragic end to a classic Romeo & Juliet story (with very very cool pics!). They came from different backgrounds: she was a scientific instrument measuring the temperature and salinity of the ocean depths, and he was a squid. But their love was as true as it was brief–they shared an embrace, he shed tears (which she collected and measured), and they parted forever. Still more moving than that silly scene in Titanic.

How do I know it was love, rather than a battle (as DSN suggest is a possibility) or ecoterrorism (as PZ’s post might suggest to a conspiracy theorist)? Simple–how else would you explain this? (that link is “The Anachronism”, a beautiful short film that is well worth your watching, but you should know it is 15 minutes long. When you have that amount of time available, watch–you will be very glad you did!)

Extra points for anyone who knows the context of the title without looking it up!


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Really!?! No takers on the extra points?

    My goodness, that’s actually one of the poems I know by heart!

  2. says

    Now that I think about it, I have a horrid feeling that “being punished for being punished” might instead be from Brave New World and both books are at home. And I’m not.

    If you like that sorta stuff, you might you might like Russell Hoban’s Riddley Walker

  3. says

    Only if they want to be (bwahahaha!)

    I was trying to out-cool you in my first post.

    Then I thought that, as usual when I try that sort of thing, I’d failed miserably.

    Ape and Essence is a weird and wonderful book that I haven’t read for ages.

    Now I think I’ll re-read it.

    Leeches kisses

    (…or not)


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