Unexpected Good News On The Cuttlefish Front

I have written before with bad news from Point Lowly, Spencer Gulf, in South Australia. That was from 2011; in 2012 the news was even worse, and last year things looked grim indeed.

Unexpectedly, this year, the numbers are up again!

Hundreds of giant Australian cuttlefish have swum into breeding grounds at the top of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, reversing a worrying decline of recent years.

It’s not a return to previously normal levels, but it’s the right direction. There has been federal support for cuttlefish research in the area over the past couple of years; I hope people were looking at the right variables to learn from this. These are beautiful creatures, and an amazing gathering. I still hope to visit some day… and I would hate to be the only cuttlefish showing up for the party.

Cuttlecap tip to Kylie, of course!


  1. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    So why are you here, blogging, when you should be in Spencer Gulf, procreating?

  2. says

    Congratulations on all the little ones :-)

    (there is no other way known to man of communication with you…)

    This old sod has finally returned from the Old Sod and finished the Hairimeraku essay it’s here if any of you want to see how it went.

    I only managed to include a few of the ‘submissions’. There was so much response I couldn’t handle it and panicked!

    Thanks to all who provided poems and keep writing.

  3. says

    BBTW you can hear it by running your cursor over the picture of the ear in the title–otherwise it will be on Weekend Radio (WCLV and syndicated around and about) but I have no idea when.

  4. zackoz says

    The world is weird – I have to read an American blog quoting a fellow Australian to learn what’s happening in Oz.

    For once, some good news, which is more than we’re getting from our horrible recently elected conservative government.

    Thanks for featuring one of my feeble efforts, Richard el Guru.

    To be quite frank, Cuttlefish is so intimidatingly accomplished and prolific that I hesitate to be seen in his company.

    Anyway, just to contradict myself a little, here’s a revised one.

    I wasn’t all that happy with my version of MacBeth earlier; I think this is better:

    Lady M’s sigh –
    “Duncan must die”
    MacBeth gets crown
    Duff beats him down.

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