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Jun 20 2014


When off on the road, a motel room’s a swell room— Big beds, lots of pillows, and acres to stretch— But no, I was sleeping on couches, so “ouch” is The travel review from this Cuttlefish wretch. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy old chappy; I saw lots of family, and had a …

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Dec 12 2012

God, Neurology, And Bliss

A vision of God’s not the slightest bit odd When your brain’s shutting down, argues Sacks But you knew all along some would find his view wrong And would write of the logic he lacks We might not be deceived; perhaps God was perceived When the cranial neurons misfired That was already known. What these …

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Jul 06 2012

Are Four Heads Better Than One?

Via Scicurious on twitter, Lauren Reid at Pygmy Loris Has a pic and story that I suspect will gain a life of its own–the story of how scientists are learning more about the echidna’s four-headed penis. Two teasers, after the jump:

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Jan 17 2008

Matters Of The Heart (… in a jar)

It’s all over the news–researchers at the University of Minnesota have “created a beating heart in the laboratory“. Basically, they used the protein fiber matrix from one heart, stripped of muscle cells, as a scaffold upon which to grow a new heart, using a solution of cells from another rat. Yeah. I know, all this …

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Jan 05 2008

Danger! Warning!

When bloggers write, with laptops, seated,Bits of them get overheated—Sitting in their rooms, retreatedTo their hidden cloisters.If I should hear “Well done! Well done!”I hope they mean my writing’s funAnd not some cruel and heartless punAbout my mountain oysters. The writers putting out these blogs,Like robots built with well-oiled cogs,Or samurai, or feral dogs,Eviscerate their …

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Dec 04 2007

Teratoma–or, Knit me a sister.

Shelley serves as my muse again today… The brain was not her first post about anatomically accurate knitting; there was a previous post on a cute and cuddly teratoma. Ok, so she calls it “complicated and grotesque”, but tomayto tomahto. But the knit teratoma is indeed cute and cuddly, if you ask me. So I …

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Dec 01 2007

Knit me a brain!

A tip of the cuttlecap to Shelley of Retrospectacle for reporting on the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art We’ve got sweaters to mend; we’ve got socks we can darn,So pull up a chair, and I’ll spin you a yarn;It’s a song with a Scarecrow-of-Oz-like refrain:Please pick up your needles and knit me a …

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Oct 21 2007

cellular biology…an excerpt

… In every cell, the means of replication,Monomers (they’re termed “nucleotides”)A sugar and a base in combinationLink in helix, forming side by side;Guanine will attach to cytosineAlways “G to C” or “C to G”And thymine will as well, to adenineWith “T to A” or maybe “A to T”The polymer called DNA is madeBy adding monomers …

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Oct 20 2007

The one-eyed…nevermind…

At one time or other, each sister and brotherHas pondered the musical question(The topic’s not easy, just take it from PZ):How an eyeball is like an erection. The answers may vary—be skeptically wary—Like “Both can display your affection.”Well, so can a rose, but that doesn’t discloseHow an eyeball is like an erection. Perhaps evolution provides …

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