When off on the road, a motel room’s a swell room—
Big beds, lots of pillows, and acres to stretch—
But no, I was sleeping on couches, so “ouch” is
The travel review from this Cuttlefish wretch.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a happy old chappy;
I saw lots of family, and had a great time
But damn, it is clear that I’m older; my shoulder
Is hurting—beyond either reason or rhyme

Now, several days back, I’m still hurtin’ for certain
I’d love for this torment to just go away
I’ve iced, I’ve tried meds, I’ve tried showers for hours
But strangely, I’m not even tempted to pray
You know—if it works when I choose it, I’d use it
But prayer has a record of failure or worse.
So, no, I won’t pray, though I’m moaning and groaning…
With Pain for my muse, I’m complaining in verse.


  1. Al Dente says

    There, there, Cuttlefish. Now that you’ve had a nice, poetical whine I’m sure you’ll feel better.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Poetical whines have, strangely enough, precisely the same effect as prayer on shoulder aches.

    That is to say, precisely none.


  3. Al Dente says

    I’ve noticed the same thing about shoulder aches and non-poetical whines. Do you know any physical therapists?

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Al @#3– sadly, my wonderful former neighbor was a massage therapist… but is only a *former* neighbor. I have an offer from a friend of Cuttleson, which I will try if it lasts much longer.

    Treb @ # 4, sadly, I only have non-poetical wine… alas, it doesn’t do much. I keep trying, though.

  5. rikitiki says

    (Having arthritus in my left shoulder, I hear you…)

    There’s tumbling a-sleep with a twich
    Moving a bit, what a bitch!
    The pain wakens one
    The clock has struck one
    And residing to sleep’s just a glich!

  6. rikitiki says

    Cuttlefish shoulders, the pain sometimes hits
    Though some cannot see it, we feel it
    The ache oftens lingers
    Massaging with fingers
    Can, sometimes, alleviate a bit.

  7. CatMat says

    From journey before
    Shoulderblade’s sore
      Meds are fine
      Poetic wine
    Would help more

  8. says

    When there’s pain in a joint,
    It’s time to anoint,
    With a little bit of wine,

    Though sometimes I’m not sure,
    If it helps any more,
    Than a poetically inclined whine.

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