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Feb 18 2013

Privacy Is A Thing Of The Past (Octopus Love)

I can’t help but feel like a bit of a peeping Tom. But on the other hand, it really is gorgeous. Especially starting around the 3 minute mark, if you are in a hurry. This one is a bit less subtle in its choice of music, and a slightly different angle, but the same scene–

Feb 15 2013

What *Is* A Digital Cuttlefish, Anyway?

So I saw on Twitter this morning an announcement of some sort (I didn’t click through) of presentation on how to do science blogging. It got me thinking. I used to have a science blog, in my specific area, and (oddly enough) in prose. Covered basic concepts, more advanced stuff, examples from real life… I …

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Feb 14 2013

Snake-Handlers? In 2013?

For goodness sakes I need my snakes Or God won’t know I love Him! I have to show Or He won’t know There’s no one else above Him! I know my sect Is more correct (As well as more exciting); Among my clues, We fill the pews When rattlesnakes are biting! Though some have died …

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Feb 13 2013

Running Out Of Time! (Get Your Cuttlefish Valentines Here!)

Dammit. I intended to space these out, but life got in the way. I did get to post the Evolutionary Biology Valentine (and its additional verses), but that was it. Now, all I can do (since it’s already Valentines Day in parts of the world) is a data dump. I suspect, though, that you will …

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Feb 12 2013

There It Is! Oxytocin!

Just in time for Valentines Day, Scientific American has an article on oxytocin and long-lasting love. If cupid had studied neuroscience, he’d know to aim his arrows at the brain rather than the heart. Recent research suggests that for love to last, it’s best he dip those arrows in oxytocin. This article is better than …

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Feb 12 2013

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

In honor of his birthday today (sorry, Abe Lincoln, I don’t have one for you): On the newsstand at the stationThere it was, a publicationWith a bold prevaricationWhere it asked “Was Darwin Wrong?”Darwin stands among the giantsOf our modern view of scienceSo, in answer and defianceI’m replying in this song: Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin, take …

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Feb 11 2013

A Good Cartoon

When our local, right wing publication Shows a doodle that leads to frustration I’m hopeful, real soon, That “A Good Cartoon” Will provide me the proper translation I should have shared this ages ago; with luck, I’m the last one to this party and you already know about “A Good Cartoon”. You see, the two …

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Feb 11 2013

The Pope Is Stepping Down

So in his honor, a verse that speculates on what really goes on in the college of cardinals as they go about the business of selecting a new guy to wear the funny hat: We struggle in vain to distinguish a MassFrom your typical Zombie behaviorAs they guzzle down red by the bottle or glassAnd …

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Feb 10 2013

Code Blue Limerick Emergency Alert!

Ok, people, this one is serious. Spread the word to anyone you suspect might help, or anyone you suspect knows people who might help. One of the cooler projects in the history of humankind is the OEDILF—the Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form. I first wrote about them here. Their goal is to write at …

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Feb 09 2013

Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

PBS asks the musical question. Turns out, I’m Rosalind (from As You Like It)! Frankly, I’ll take that as quite a compliment. (and just for the record, this is a different “which Shakespeare character are you?” questionnaire than I took a number of years ago, which told me I was… not Rosalind.) Who are you?

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