What *Is* A Digital Cuttlefish, Anyway?

So I saw on Twitter this morning an announcement of some sort (I didn’t click through) of presentation on how to do science blogging. It got me thinking.

I used to have a science blog, in my specific area, and (oddly enough) in prose. Covered basic concepts, more advanced stuff, examples from real life… I even had some students cite my blog in their papers, without knowing I had written it (it was pseudonymous, but not Cuttlefish).

But… what is The Digital Cuttlefish? I have verses in three volumes of The Open Laboratory, so is it science? I am a member of Freethought Blogs, so is it atheism stuff? Is is social commentary? Art? (seriously?) I’ve seen my blog on blogrolls under “science”, “humor”, “atheism” and more (most frequently, perhaps, “other”).

I looked at the lists I am on, on Twitter. Collapsing similarly-named lists, I see a bunch of miscellaneous stuff:

Gweeks (?)
Freethought Bloggers
Interesting People
Social media

Interestingly, I am also on two lists, by two different people, entitled “USA” and “NotUSA”. I like that. But the big winners (with numbers of lists following the modal title) were:

Science 17 (general science)
Skeptic 13 (publicly exposed skeptic) (realitybasedorskeptic)
Atheists 10 (godless; ungodly)
Something fishy 7 (oceans, Cephalopods, squid)
Bloggers 5
Writers, books 4
Social Justice, Humanism & A+ 3
Science Artists 2

So… What do you think I am? For myself, I know why I write this blog. Not for outreach, not to change the world, although both of those would be wonderful. I write it for fun, and because I can’t help but see the world in rhyme now and again.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … I can’t help but see the world in rhyme …

    Should this be called verbal synaesthesia, or synaestheticsesia?

  2. Cuttlefish says

    @Kylie @#6–Not fair! You’ve seen me in person! My cuteness is a secret weapon, to be saved for emergencies!

  3. Cuttlefish says

    Stephanie Zvan @#8…. so I share a category with a number of petri dishes?

    Not that I’m complaining…. just asking.

  4. rq says

    I think you are wonderful.
    Also, a science-minded poet with lots of tentacles and ink.
    Also, a distraction from the daily blahs.
    Also, an educational interlude.
    Also, a skilled artist and rhymer.

    Shall I continue?

  5. Rawnaeris, FREEZE PEACHES says

    I enjoy your commentary. There is something about well-written verse that is also funny is just…epic.

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