Sep 30 2011

Headline Muse, 9/30

The direction this country is heading
Is exactly what bigots are dreading!
What’s the danger they feared?
It’s that chaplains are cleared
To officiate at a gay wedding!

Headline: Military chaplains allowed to perform same-sex weddings

Headline: Military Chaplains May Perform Same-Sex Unions

Why two links? The first is CNN; the second is Fox. The stories are quite similar–there’s not much to do but report the facts–but the comment threads are clearly from two different planets.


  1. 1

    Fox News is wising up to how bad their viewers make them look.

    Now you have to click on a link to see the comments.

  2. 2

    How do I see the comment thread on the Fox News site? There’s none under the article and I searched (in vain) for a link.

    Perhaps, even with the separation provided by the link mentioned by Binjabreel pointed out, it became so bad that even Fox was shamed into deleted the thread.

  3. 3

    Martin–near as I can tell, it’s disappeared! Maybe they are cleansing it; maybe Fox has finally plumbed depths that they, themselves, cannot stand. I’ll check back, but I suspect you are quite right.

    Hmmm … do they have an ombudsman? We can ask…

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