Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 09 2011

Jumping The Gun

The first reports are always hazy;No one knows what happened yet.But, look for facts? I’m much too lazy!Pure assumption’s what you’ll get. Liberals know the dude’s a ‘bagger,Fond of Sarah Palin’s list;Right-wing thought: must be a fag, orMexican, or atheist. Fingers pointing, pointing wildlySee the accusations fly!Premature, to put it mildly—Far too soon to answer …

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Jan 07 2011

Star Stuff Contemplating Star Stuff

“We are star stuff contemplating star stuff.”Carl Sagan Star light, star bright,Ten billion years ago,I need to ask a questionCos I really want to know: The carbon in our bodies cameFrom ancient stars’ collapse;I’ve heard it from a poetOr a physicist, perhaps But is it true, as some have said(I can’t believe it, quite),That different …

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Jan 07 2011

Open Lab 2010!

Jason Goldman has just announced the finalists for The Open Laboratory 2010; two of my verses (A Scientific Valentine and To A Rat…) made the cut! This year, there were a total of 50 articles and 6 poems that made the cut–oddly, every one who made the list for a poem actually made the list …

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Jan 05 2011

The Ballad Of The Cross

The cross on the hill was a beautiful sightOn the days when the sky was most bluish;It stood for the soldiers who gave up their livesWell, except when the soldiers were Jewish. The cross on the hill, it looked rugged and oldThough the city maintained it as newish;The congressman said that it stood for the …

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Jan 04 2011

Another Chance To Be Wrong

Some True Believers fear the worst;They say all sinners, Eden-cursedHave only till May twenty-first. Though earnestly these groups have beckoned,I think it’s not as they have reckoned:We’ll still be here the twenty-second. Since well before Leon Festinger made a name for himself with When Prophecy Fails, end-of-days cultists have been busily proving themselves fools. So, …

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Jan 03 2011

Cuttledamus’s Predictions For 2011

The New Year’s rolled around once more—As hopeful as can be—And so I took some quiet timeTo brew a cup of teaIt wasn’t for the calming drinkOh, no, I wanted more:I had to read the leaves to seeWhat this year has in store. This year, to find my fortune, Reading tea-leafs is the way!Why trust …

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Jan 01 2011

Beginnings Of Religion

Source Religion began as a means of control,And a Grand Explanation, perhaps;From the simplest of spirits to greatest of godsWe’re just trying to fill in the gaps. Why does the sun rise? Why does it rain?Why is there death, and disease?Religion began, cos we didn’t know howTo find answers to questions like these. Where base …

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