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Feb 28 2009

Phun Stuff!

For those of you (the majority, I would guess, based on the site statistics) who do not read the comments to these posts, you are missing some fun! I am getting my metrical, metaphorical and metaphysical ass kicked by Phunicular on the Daniel Dennett post; what is more, Phunicular is serving up this can of …

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Feb 27 2009

The Distillation of Religious Truth

PZ reports on a very silly UN resolution, which attempts to make defamation of religion illegal. The major religions all gathered togetherTo fathom the depths of god’s willThey listed their tenets, examining whetherThere’s Ultimate Truth to distill. There were some that rejected a literal JesusAnd some the Nicenean Creed;But by carefully looking though all of …

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Feb 23 2009

The Creationism Dance

The NPR story has legs, as they say; today’s verse is inspired by the comment thread on the Darwin story, which as of this writing has 338 comments, and is well worth a read. [oops–spoke too soon–NPR has closed commenting on the thread, so it no longer has legs. It was extremely mild when compared …

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Feb 20 2009

Say It Ain’t So, NPR!

In National Public Radio’s series Darwin: The Reluctant Revolutionary, we get this story: Doubting Darwin: Debate Over The Mind’s Evolution. An interesting possibility, actually; I could think of a number of fascinating guests to interview on this. But not Michael Egnor. This story is no place for a creationist’s ignorant spiel. Egnor says that an …

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Feb 19 2009

The Digital Pack-Rat, volume 12

Ok, the first is from here–a bit of a discussion about a badly reviewed journal article “Mitochondria, the missing link between body and soul: Proteomic prospective evidence”. Creationists’ goal is to prove there’s a soulThat’s impossible to have evolved;The task is quite trying; instead, they keep lying,And think that their problem is solved.These pinhead god-floggers …

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Feb 17 2009

The Theist And The Blade Of Grass

John Holbo of Crooked Timber has newly acquired a wonderful old book, in which he finds a poem, “The Atheist and the Acorn” (hat tip to PZ for the link). Go read it! Then maybe my little verse will make more sense. Methinks this “God” is strangely madeFor something of such worth,An introspective theist saidAs …

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Feb 16 2009

God’s Hands

“Hold up your hands before your eyes. You are looking at the hands of God.” – Rabbi Lawrence Kushner If my hands are god’s hands, and god’s hands are mine,And god has no hands of his ownThere’s nothing that I can achieve with god’s helpI can’t do myself, all alone. I’ve heard that he once …

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Feb 15 2009

Urine For A Big Surprise!

Via Effect Measure, a story of a religiously-motivated culinary revolution–or, at least, a taste revolution. Reuters reports: NEW DELHI, Feb 12 (Reuters Life!) – A hardline Hindu organisation, known for its opposition to “corrupting” Western food imports, is planning to launch a new soft drink made from cow’s urine, often seen as sacred in parts …

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Feb 14 2009

Daniel Dennett’s Darwin Day Delivery

As I mentioned on Pharyngula, I was invited by a philosopher friend to attend the Darwin Day talk by Daniel Dennett, at Framingham State College. The talk, “Darwin and the Evolution of Reasons”, was interesting, and meta-interesting; it not only was a good presentation of memetic evolution, it was a good demonstration of it as …

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Feb 13 2009

A Down-Under Valentine

I don’t think I’ll ever quite get the hang of this time-space continuum thing. Here in the real world, it won’t be Valentine’s Day for many hours yet, but in the mystical Land of Oz, Valentine’s day has been either here for hours or done and gone some weeks or years ago, I can’t keep …

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