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Jan 08 2013

Rather, people care about their groups

Another interesting item from The Righteous Mind. People don’t vote on self-interest all that much – that is, “self-interest is a weak predictor of policy preferences.” [p 85] Rather, people care about their groups, whether those be racial, regional, religious, or political. [p 86] Or all those in sequence, which confuses things; or all those …

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Jan 06 2013

Only the best people turn up this road

Speaking of righteous and unrighteous, I’m still reading the Jonathan Haidt book. (I read several books at once, so that I’ll be sure to confuse them all.) I’m quite liking Part One, which argues for the primacy of intuition over reasoning. I’ve seen a lot of it before but not all of it, and anyway it’s presented well. It’s convincing. …

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Jan 01 2013

Reading Jonathan Haidt

I’m reading Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind. So far I’m finding it less annoying than other stuff of his I’ve read. I think I’m seeing a flaw, though, but maybe he gets to what I think is missing later on. Groups are useful, so cohesion is useful. Religions foster cohesion, and are an efficient way …

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