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Nov 08 2013

This is just what happens to women online

Laura Bates takes a look at online sexism. (Cue a rumble of outraged outrage in response.) The internet is a fertile breeding ground for misogyny – you only have to look at the murky bottom waters of Reddit and 4Chan to see the true extent to which it allows violent attitudes towards women to proliferate. …

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Sep 27 2013

Such men are dangerous

More on David Gilmour. Gilmour seems to think enough of himself to believe that he’s somehow unique in his approach to teaching literature. The only female writer whose work he teaches is Virginia Woolf, and then only a single short story. So he’s proud of teaching a curriculum that’s limited to his own narrow viewpoint, …

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Sep 16 2013

Just being bros

What’s all this feminism nonsense? Didn’t we figure out a long time ago that that’s just politically correct bullshit? Janet Kornblum is there. So when I heard about this whole bro-haha this weekend over some presentations at TechCrunch that a bunch of people thought were sexist, I was like, why the heck does everyone have their panties in a …

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Sep 14 2013

When Anil met Pax

You remember how that went, right? Anil Dash tweeted Wow, didn’t realize @businessinsider had hired such an asshole in @paxdickinson. Getting memcache to build made him an expert on misogyny! Pax responded with the inevitable “you gonna say that to my face?” so Anil said sure, so they met. Anil tells us about it. People …

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Aug 04 2013

A string of subtle but demeaning comments

The journalist Olivia Messer was pleased to return to her home state of Texas to write about the legislature. She quickly realized there was a down side. Within weeks, I’d already heard a few horrifying stories. Like the time a former Observer staffer, on her first day in the Capitol, was invited by a state …

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Jul 29 2013


Emma Barnett gets lots of sexist abuse online, and she got a couple of sexist online abusers to call in to her weekly radio program to explain why sexist abuse is a good thing. First troll up was Peter from Whitechapel. He was quick to deliver some clichés – such as if Criado-Perez can’t stand …

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Jul 28 2013

A professional glass blower might remark

Let’s go back in time a couple of months, to early June, to June 4th to be precise, when the story about Colin McGinn broke. What story, and who? The story that McGinn is leaving the University of Miami because of allegedly sexually harassing emails; McGinn is a fairly prominent (for a philosopher) philosopher. I …

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Jul 27 2013

A deafening silence from Twitter

The Independent reports that Twitter is facing a major backlash for not responding to abuse. I am pleased to hear that – Twitter has been crappy about dealing with one kind of abuse I get there, and it’s so crappy about offering ways to deal with other kinds that I didn’t even try. A host …

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Jul 27 2013

When you’re ready to be put in your place

Criado-Perez wrote a piece for the New Statesman on the rape-threats campaign. On Wednesday the 24 July, the Bank of England made the historic announcement that, in response to over 35,000 people signing a petition, they were confirming Jane Austen as the next historical figure on banknotes. “this Perez one just needs a good smashing up …

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Jul 23 2013

She gives a king

Unnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhh That’s a long exasperated sigh of disgust and irritation. At what? At a prominent journalist, a woman, squeeing and jumping up and down because Kate Futurequeen had a boy. I’m not making it up. I’m having a moment of feminist horror over Tina Brown’s smug approval of Kate Middleton for having “once again” done “the …

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