Jul 18 2013

The Waterloo Bridge that’s gone forever

The one that was in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam.

File:Waterloo Bridge in London.jpg

Bloomberg has images of all the destroyed paintings.


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    While I have never really been on board with Impressionism, this is an act of desecration that truly saddens me. Why would anyone burn priceless and historically important works of art? Just so sad.

  2. 2
    Gregory in Seattle

    @embertine #1 – I’ve been hearing that the thief’s mother was trying to destroy evidence in a misguided effort to save her son.

  3. 3
    Gregory in Seattle

    One of my co-workers just pointed out that there is no telling whether or not ALL of the paintings had been destroyed. If some of the paintings had already handed off, they may still exist. There is also a theory (admittedly far fetched) that only one or two paintings were the real target, and the rest were stolen specifically to be destroyed and cover the intended theft.

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