Mar 17 2013

Not as tidy as Physioproffe’s

Physioproffe said let’s for fun post pictures of our bookshelves so I said ok so here’s my picture.



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  1. 1
    Comradde PhysioProffe


  2. 2
    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-

    Ah yeah, the good old tactic of putting them in two rows already and then the rest of them on top.
    There is never enough space for books…

  3. 3
    Great American Satan

    That’s about like ours, but a lot here are comic books from around the world, and books about art or making art.

  4. 4
    Marcus Ranum

    I love the idea, and was enjoying seeing physiproffe’s got a few of the same books as I do. Odd how that gives a bit of a warm feeling!

  5. 5

    My aunt and uncle had a house in Stratford upon Avon which they planned to retire to. So when my aunt got a job in Cambridge, they kept both the house and a rented apartment for a few years.

    So got to 60 and retired, so they had to pack up the Cambridge apartment, which had somehow acquired about 3,000 books in (I think) 4 years. So they each took 1,500 books, and sorted them into piles for “keep” and “donate”. Then they swapped and looked through the pile of books that the other was prepared to donate.

    Of course it took most of the day. And at the end of the exercise, they’d agreed to donate just 3 books out of the 3,000. Then they agreed that it wasn’t really worth a trip into the town centre to donate those, so they took the whole lot back to Stratford.

  6. 6
    Ophelia Benson

    Hahaha that’s a great story. 3. Hahahaha. I know how that goes.

  7. 7
    Ophelia Benson

    I have some books about art. They’re in the oversize shelves.

  8. 8

    That’s not untidy.

    Part of my plan in getting a house is that I might some day be able to unpack *all* my books.

    I hope to turn the master bedroom into a library.

  9. 9
    Alethea Kuiper-Belt

    I am loving the ebook for my fluffy throwaway reading, because having eight 2m high bookshelves plus a whole wall of floor to ceiling shelving is getting just a *little* excessive…

  10. 10

    Once my BIL was complaining about how many boxes of books he had to deal with every time he and my sister moved.

    BIL: “…gotta move 20 boxes of books!”
    Me: “Only twenty?”
    BIL threw up his hands and changed the subject.
    No sympathy from little-sister-in-law. Heh!

  11. 11
    Uncle Glenny

    I have no pics, but that pic of yours is only what the “organized” two big bookcases in my living room look like. There’s more in the “tv room” and my bedroom. The dining room table has an average depth of stacked books of about 18 inches. (OK, there’s some CDs too.) Under the dining room table there are maybe 8 or 10 tote bags (supermarket shopping bag sized) stuffed with books which cleared off (a bit of) the dining room table for thanksgiving dinner a year ago. My lincoln rocker is unusable and should not be jostled lest there be a seismic calamity. The chair (spare dining room chair) to my left, originally used kind of like an end table, has an 18″ pile. There are piles of books beside me on the floor, and I think there’s a heap of unknown size under old laundry in my bedroom. Not to mention whatever is stacked in what used to be my office in the basement. I have no idea of how many of the never-unpacked moving boxes in the basement are books, probably a dozen or so.

    Yes. I have issues. (I also have a rather substantial classical CD collection, I imagine in the 2000-3000 or so size).

    I’m with Alethea.

  12. 12
    Uncle Glenny

    Forgot to add: I coincidentally just came across this:


  13. 13
    bad Jim

    We have two walls full of books, paperbacks stacked horizontally, two rows deep on most shelves. It tends to awe visitors. The bedrooms have bookshelves as well, and we’ve got boxes in the attic. Some people sniff, “I don’t store books”, but I’m constantly lending out stacks of novels to nieces and nephews, so I think of the excess as a solution rather than a problem.

    Our old-fashioned stereo system, hundreds of classical CD’s, and half our LP’s are concealed within an armoire and so draw no comment.

  14. 14

    I amused a young friend when we were packing up stuff from the old house to move here. We were counting books, not by dozens or hundreds, but by metres of shelf space. Apparently that’s hysterically funny.

  15. 15

    I wouldn’t know which bookcases to photograph. Last time we moved, the crew looked over the house and then met to assign tasks. I passed the door of my study (ah, those were the days! Had a study. With fireplace) as the guy in charge said “Okay, who’s going to move the public library?”

  16. 16
    Ophelia Benson

    Oh, I know, I just took a slice, as did Physio Proffe. That’s just the far end of those shelves, and there’s another set just like it downstairs, plus four actual bookcases. Plus a few piles here and there.

  17. 17

    Every three months or so we go through our books and give them away to the neighborhood used book store. We could get money for them, but we like to support the business. Our rule is that we only keep classics and books that have been signed by the author. We have so many books signed by the author, we end up giving away some of those too now. We have a small, minimalist home and don’t have room for clutter.

  18. 18
    Ophelia Benson

    Books are not clutter! Blasphemer!

  19. 19
    Argle Bargle

    I have a house with a “Master Suite”, i.e. a master bedroom with two walk-in closets, supposedly His and Hers. In reality, we both use one closet for clothes and the other has two long, tall bookcases crammed with books. Plus there’s two book cases in the bedroom itself, one at the end of the hall, three in the living room, one in the kitchen (just cookbooks and the 1929 Encyclopedia Britannica), and two in the spare bedroom.

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