World series champ strikes out on evolution



It’s nice to have some free time back, but it sucks being broke and miserable. Please consider a holiday donation using the Paypal link above. Being free during the day means getting to keep up with the 24/7 news cycle insanity that has taken over national discourse. Here’s some more fun in that vein from the heartland: Former World Series champ and current ESPN analyst Curt Shilling took to Twitter to pitch his zany views on evolution right down to the ‘why are their still monkeys’ spiel.

TPM — “Somehow someone made it into me not believing in the Theory of Evolution? I never said it, not even close,” Schilling wrote. “I said as a Christian I understand where man came from and how, regardless of whether I can imagine it, God did it, that’s good enough for me.”

And Schilling said there was a common denominator with his harshest critics.

“I understand why non-believers get upset at this conversation, because many know in their hearts that if it’s true their future is not in good shape,” he wrote in closing. But the anger? Cussing? Every single follower I blocked had in their profile somewhere ‘Atheist’ ‘Liberal’ ‘Democrat’ or some such label.

The Tweets are mundane, nothing new. But I believe him on that last part. There are still some old school hold outs from a less crazy era of conservative politics. I know a few practicing scientists who still lean conservative on various issues. And watching them try and avoid the subject, or worse, try and square their party’s clownish antics on matters of science, is a little bit painful. It’s not a coincidence or a plot and it’s not new: the GOP has turned on science, so scientists are turning on it.

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