You think it’s cold?


Here in Central Texas, we’re suffering under the Killer Glaze of ’14. A light glaze that struck right before morning rush hour and has the city so locked up officials are now advising no one goes on the road if they don’t have to. Elsewhere in the nation there’s real cold. Subzero in some parts of the Midwest and upper Northeast. But oddly enough, up in Alaska, they’re having a heat wave of sorts and it’s serious:

NBC News — A warmer winter is being blamed for the mammoth Alaskan avalanche that has cut off a port city’s sole road to the outside — stoking fears of flash floods and future landslides. Snowy debris hundreds of feet long and up to 40 feet deep slammed onto Valdez’s Richardson Highway early Friday and again on Saturday. The 50-mile stretch of rural road might not be reopened for a week, and observers say a collapse of this magnitude appears unprecedented for the area.Valdez was forecasted to have a high of 41 degrees and low of 40 degrees on Monday — a far cry from the arctic blast that has plunged much of the country, including the South, into a dangerous cold. Some parts of Alaska could even be in the lower 60s this week, according to reports. “This cycle is more consistent with what we see in the springtime,” Carter told NBC News. “Spring came early this year — and it came all at once.”


  1. peterh says

    Here we are, just about smack dab in the middle of Winter (well, one week away) and there’s cold, snow & ice. Hood’a thunk it?

  2. cag says

    Should make a short season for “Ice Road Truckers”. This will have a negative effect on a number of northern communities.

  3. MattP (must mock his crappy brain) says

    Wow… I sort of envy that community in Alaska for the cause of their troubles. All it took to shut down a lot of Georgia, and cause the douchebag in charge to issue a state of emergency, was about an inch of snow, yet another year of no de-icing preparations, a half-day of school/work, and many, many stupid drivers.

  4. Holms says

    I suspect that this warm weather has the same cause as the unusually cold weather experienced elsewhere across North America – the polar vortex. The cold was not conjured out of nothing, but was redistribued from where it would normally be found.

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