God skews Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson is confused, in a lot more ways than the obvious. Lately he’s confused because the magical voice that is either 1) in his head suggesting dementia or schizophrenia, or more likely 2) that he’s making up in a transparent cynical ploy to enrich himself, skewed him. Here’s my question to conservative god bots who may not be too far gone to see good and evil for what they plainly are: by your own arm waving claims an underdog from modest Christian roots overcame the might of a zillionaire religious heretic backed by dozens of fellow zillionaires and endorsed by modern day pharisees, despite what god fear’n unskewed pollsters found, and then riding high on the shoulders of a once in a century hurricane, aka Act of God, went on to crush the money changers and heretics, sweeping into power in what is in your minds a miraculous upset by preaching a message of healing the sick and helping the poor. Umm … which side are you and your pastor on again?


  1. davidct says

    The Jesus of the bible(at least one of them)told us that we should care for one another. Perhaps if Pat had taken this message to heart he would have noticed that this was at odds with the message of greed. His own religion does not support the ideals of the reactionary right. Why is it that so many rich pastors have forgotten this? By the way Pat is far too rich to go to heaven – you know the camels and the eye of the needle thing. It’s all in his bible but he missed the message – again.

  2. machintelligence says

    Faith: that little voice in your head that says you should believe that little voice in your head.

  3. patricksimons says

    Robertson long ago devolved into self parody and became a living caricature of the money grubbing, religious, hypocrite. What the man says worries me far less than do the people who actually listen to him, and take him seriously.

  4. carpenterman says

    Pat Robertson will never change because, at this point, he absolutely cannot. What’s he going to do; admit that he’s been wrong his entire life, and that the most fundamental principals on which his whole identity is constructed are based on a lie? No. No one could do that. He will go to his grave firmly convinced he’s going to meet his god, and that God will say, “Well done, my son. Well done.”
    No matter what he may wonder deep in his heart (I think he has no doubts at all, but you never know), he can never admit doubts to himself. Not after so many years. No one could open up such a pit of despair and not go insane.

  5. thewhollynone says

    Ah, Pat’s crying all the way to the bank. I don’t think for one minute that he believes any of his con. He will keep it up though as long as people keep buying tickets to his show. Why not?


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