Sandy update: time to decide folks

If you live in the colored region of the storm track it’s time to decide if you are going to stay where you are or go somewhere else. A big part of what makes this storm dangerous is that it is huge, the actual wind speeds are likely to be tropical force or lower for most of the region. But sustained 50 MPH plus winds combined with rain and a huge storm surge can definitely knock out power and basic utilities for millions of people:

Massive and dangerous Hurricane Sandy has grown to record size as it barrels northeastwards along the North Carolina coast at 10 mph. At 8 am EDT, Sandy’s tropical storm-force winds extended northeastwards 520 miles from the center, and twelve-foot high seas covered a diameter of ocean 1,030 miles across. Since records of storm size began in 1988, no tropical storm or hurricane has been larger …

 The latest set of 00Z (8 pm EDT) and 06Z (2 am EDT) computer model runs are in agreement that Sandy will make landfall between 10 pm Monday night and 4 am Tuesday morning in New Jersey.


  1. comfychair says

    Also keep in mind those estimates of landfall are for the eye, and with a big storm it gets bad long before the center gets to you.

    I live 150 miles (!) inland in central MS (in a small city, not out in the sticks) and after Katrina the power was out for 6 days.

  2. shouldbeworking says

    Wasn’t the National Weather Service on some rethuglican’s hit list for budget reduction?

  3. khms says

    Wasn’t the National Weather Service on some rethuglican’s hit list for budget reduction?

    Well, duh! You want more storms like that, paid for by your taxes? Just fire those communist weather guys. They’re just after the big money! Probably in league with the black helicopter guys.

  4. Christoph Burschka says

    So, I’m not quite clear on this yet: Is Sandy a preemptive punishment from God for reelecting Obama, a punishment from God for not banning gay marriage, or a punishment from God for women dressing immodestly?

    It’s only a matter of time before someone starts it. Probably good old Pat Robertson again.

  5. says

    A thought I’ve had recently: What would it cost and take to put phone and power lines underground, especially in New England and maybe even in the Snow Belt along the Great Lakes?

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