Wisconsin results: total recall

The shape of elections and outside money in a post Citizens United America. Source Mother Jones

9:55 PM MSNBC calls the race for Scott Walker.

While we wait … CNN exit polls show Obama crushing Romney in WI 54 to 42. The same poll shows the big race neck and neck, 50/50, Walker vs Barrett. But another exit poll showed Walker up 52 to 48. I’ll split the difference and guess Walker edges out Barrett by 2 points. How about you?

8:15 PM Central: polls are now closed in Wisconsin. In addition to the long shot recall of zillionaire wingnut darling Gov. Scott Walker, there are four WI senate seats  and Lt. Governor up for grabs. If dems win a single senate seat, the state senate will flip and Walker’s agenda terminated. Until we get results here’s some links to other elections around the country.

Results: Calif. | Iowa | Montana | New Jersey | New Mexico | S. Dakota | Wisconsin


Until the vote is official or I pass out from sheer fatigue. Polls close in a little over an hour. Word is turn out has been epic, on both sides of the aisle. If recent polling is to be believed, that gives Gov Shit for Brains Walker a slight edge:

(Daily Kos) — That’s not a typo. 119 percent. You know the wingnuts are already drawing up their conspiracy theories, but there is a simple explanation—Wisconsin allows same-day registration.

The early morning estimates were 80-88 percent. This is just mind-boggling, and obviously bodes well for Team Blue. On the other hand, the city clerks in conservative strongholds like Washington and Waukesha Counties are being more tight-lipped, simply talking about high turnout. Don’t be surprised if those counties also approach or exceed 100 percent voter turnout.

It also means in the event of a really close race or an upset by the democratic challenger Barrett, wingnuts have a built-in zombie lie to brace up their endless cries of voter fraud. But they’re already whining about fictional union conspiracies to bus in (black) voters from neighboring Detroit, Michigan, so another made up conspiracy is not a stretch.


  1. says

    Well, let’s just rewrite the first line of the Constitution now.

    “We the People Corporate Entities.”

    This recall has just proven that America can be bought by corporations now. Special interests own this country, and their interests do not lie within progressive thoughts.

    Romney in 2012, funded by the 0.0001%

  2. thisisaturingtest says

    Katherine @#2- that was kind of my first reaction as well, on seeing this chart at the top. We have the party of “fiscal responsibility” spending millions of dollars on a state election- two-thirds of that money coming from out of state- and outspending the supposed party of “free-spenders” by eight to one; we have that same party, across the nation, passing voter-ID laws to deprive registered voters of the right to vote, which is supposed to be the basis of our system of government- and you just wonder-
    Why do we even pretend to be any sort of a democracy any more?

  3. Pteryxx says

    Meanwhile, there’s already reporting of voter suppression tactics: robocalls to the recall petition signers telling them they didn’t have to go vote because “the petition counted”, or that their votes would be fraud if they tried; reporters telling voters standing in line that Walker had already won when only 20% of precincts had even reported yet, etc.



  4. seculartranshumanist says

    You need to add in the $21 million the unions spent against Walker.

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