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Hot planetary action, a former hot Russian “model” turned astronuat spokesperson, and various scandals and eye-popping political whoppers are all good link bait. But I’m proud to say that that giant snake deal, Titanoboa, must be a hit for the Smithsonian, because searches for it top my inbound list by about a hundred to one over anything else. And as we say in the trading business, the trend is your friend. So, posted below are pics/links about giant prehistoric boa constrictors for science students and interested parties.

Titanoboa cerrejonensis at wikipedia.

Snake evolution at wikipedia.

More about the time titanoboa lived, the Peleocene Epoch, the first epoch in the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. Use that last term, kids, and your science teacher will freaking love you.

If you think Titanoboa is a bad-ass, check out his close cousins, the giant, extinct Mosasaurs and the intimidating varanoid lizards like the Komodo Dragons. These guys are built to chow down on, basically, anything they can nip and they may have hunted in packs.



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