The Mittmentum builds in wake of NH results

Of course no one expected Mitt to lose, everyone expected him to win big, and most articles I’ve seen this morning are trying to figure out an angle where he didn’t win big enough and therefore doom is in the details. I think that’s BS, Mitterns won plenty big enough. Now the clown car moves to South Carolina, where we can only hope certain disgruntled clowns cause more trouble than help. 

Elsewhere, it was nice seeing Hunstman and Paul coming in with good numbers and reaffirms my view that even the craziest part of the crazy New Hampshire conservative base is far smaller, or maybe just more sane and thoughtful, than the mean or moderate part of the same base anywhere else. My big bottle of schadenfreude, or any antique bottle of laudanum that happens to come my way, is that Rick Perry was crushed. Anyway, without further delay, results below the jump:

Wost all precincts reporting (Over 90%) in courtesy Daily Kos:

*Romney, Mitt 89,740 39% | Paul, Ron 51,998, 23% | Huntsman, Jon 38,213, 17%

Gingrich, Newt 21,432, 9% | Santorum, Rick 21,234, 9% | Perry, Rick 1,581, 1% <–Hahaha!


Speaking of Daily Kos, I’ve had a few emails and comments over the last few months asking how one gets to write for them, or how I got to. If there’s any real interest I could put together a few pointers. Short version:  it’s easy to write on Daily Kos, anyone can do it because the developers built it that way. But I might go into more detail and interview some of my cohorts from over there about blogs in general, politics, science and atheism, and so forth. The company[s] that owns DK and some other business has big plans afoot for 2012 and beyond.


  1. jnorris says

    Gingrich, Newt 21,432, 9% | Santorum, Rick 21,234, 9% | Perry, Rick 1,581, 1%

    All three get certificates of participation, suitable for framing; just pay shipping & handling.

  2. Martin, heading for geezerhood says

    Newt should invite the losers to a banquet for their awards…and charge them $10,000 each.

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