No chocolate? This means war!

Climate change comes with all sorts of consequences, most of them miserable, by some accounts catastrophic. But if this report caught by my friend Joe Romm is true, it’s on:

A new report out from the International Center for Tropical Agriculture finds that between 2030 and 2050, land area suitable for cocoa production will fall dramatically. While rising temperatures and changing rainfall pattern may shift cocoa production to land currently not suitable, the net impact to this $9 billion-per-year industry could be severe.

Forget mass extinctions, a world without cocoa is a world gone mad, it’s hell incarnate. Energy industry you are on notice, don’t get between a man and his sweet, semi-sweet chocolate.


  1. unbound says

    Alright Climate, I understand we aren’t the best creatures to deal with, but threatening the chocolate supply? That’s uncalled for.

  2. says

    Completely unacceptable. You know, if progressives were able to play as fast and loose with the pseudo-facts as the energy industry, that deal about chocolate might make a worthy talking point. Sometimes integrity sucks!

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