Muslims are becoming jokers. They want Halal Meat, Halal Apple-pie. Now they want Halal Television.

Indonesian Muslim group wants halal television.

An Islamic council in Indonesia wants the country’s broadcasting commission to consider certifying TV programs as religiously acceptable.

But the country’s broadcasting commissioner has ruled out certifying TV programs based on whether they’re acceptable to Islam.

The term halal most commonly refers to foods that are permitted by Islam, but now the West Java branch of Indonesia’s Islamic Council is suggesting halal television too.

Indonesia’s Broadcast Law states that content should educate and entertain, but also implement religious values and the country’s culture.

So the Islamic Council is suggesting TV should be subject to a certification system, like foods, to show whether they’re religiously permitted, or halal.

The West Java Broadcast Commissioner, Nursyawal, says that’s not going to happen.

He says it’s up to Islamic Clerics to issue their own fatwa or religious law forbidding certain programs.

I never saw anything labeled as halal in my childhood. It is around 20 years ago I found that a word halal invaded the world. Muslims want everything halal or everything Islamic whatever they eat, or drink, or touch, or hear, or see, or smell. Muslims are now becoming more and more intolerant, ignorant and arrogant. The whole situation is so weird now that I do not need to know whether they are fundamentalists, they are Muslims or they believe in Islam–it has become a good enough reason to stay away from them.

Aren’t they becoming jokers too? Muslim women in Egypt have their Islamic TV. A bunch of faceless shameless women are placed there to humiliate human race. Now an Indonesian Muslim group demands for an halal or Islamic TV. It’s very simple. Their ancestors used swords to convert people to Islam. Today’s Muslims use hi tech media to convert people to Islam or just to brainwash millions of people everyday with misogynistic superstitions. Their aim is to occupy the world or make the world darul Islam or land of Islam. The aim has been the same, only the weapons are different.