God boy!

Baby born with four arms and four legs has been dubbed God Boy by his parents because they say he looks like an Indian deity.


Hindu gods have multiple limbs. The child also has multiple limbs. The child is now called god boy. Many people seriously believe he is a God’s own baby. Thousands of people from all over India are travelling to West Bengal to get a glimpse of the child. Local police are unable to control the crowds. The family are overjoyed to see their son as Hindu God Brahma, who is depicted with eight limbs.

Very few people understand about the boy’s birth defect, two extra arms and two extra legs are the remains of an underdeveloped co-joined twin. It is impossible for the crowds to get the boy’s medical problem.

A police spokesman said that the crowds are going berserk and clamouring to see the child. Hundreds are crying in the streets, hundreds of others are praying and setting up camp there. Some believe this is a sign of the end of the world.

Oh My Goosebumps! How could people become so brainless! God believers lose all their commonsense and knowledge of science whenever they think of god stuff.

Animals sacrifice for gods. (warning: violent images)

Humans have been sacrificing animals for gods since ancient times. This will be continued as long as gods exist in people’s minds. People from almost all religions, regions, cultures sacrificed animals. Most communities still do it. They still think gods need blood.

Animal Sacrifice in ancient times:

animal sacrifice 1

animal sacrifice9

animal sacrifice11

animal sacrifice 2

animal sacrifice13


animal sacriice 3



Animal Sacrifice in modern times:

animal sacrifice8



animal sacrifice 5

animal sacrifice 4



animal sacrifice14