1. Bruce says

    Well said. And apparently not popular to hear in Mangalore.
    But this assumes that Jesus was not just a Jewish angel story that never happened on earth. For me, it is probably all a myth.

  2. says

    God Almighty Allah is the most beautiful essence of your creative mind, and thoughts, there is something permanent in universe,
    Anything and Everything perish within its limit but the whole thing is always there… be an Atheist is most negative conclusion of all your lifelong imaginations, death will overcome you while whole thing is still there.” I am in your individuality, but you do not observe”.—(Sura Dhariyat, 51:21) , EVOLUTION

    Latest thinking comfirm Evolution is invalid or false .Something over writes Time… (Destiny

    Evolution Theory succumb in concept of Time. Time is relative standard…..(Einstein). In reality Time does not Exist. Time is illusion or 4th Dimension. What will be definite proof that Evolution Theory is invalid or False….?? It is water H2O … In billion years Water H2O remained unaffected by Time…… Water H2O is not a product of Time..Whooooo created water ??No Water, no life, No evolution, No natural selection..Water is a phenomena out of time, a rule over nature. When Time fails Evolution fails. An instant knock out of whole Evolution theory, so called Darwinism.

    If life is an accident Then every incident happening in this world will demand an accident. Even existance of a piece of Bulshit cannot be confirmed without a Bull…So from where two cars will come to cause an Accident. What will be definite proof that life is not an accident, Just throw a bag of rice mixed with vinegar in a dark warm place, within 48 hours you will see bag of rice turned into full of life, ( worms) Throw it again if it happens again then this incident ( life ) is not an accident, example is silly but it points out a big mistake in evolution history. is not an Accident but conditional (Confirmed)

    H20 ( water) is a permanent condition in nature which caused diversity of life on earth. Scriptures says life is created not evolved from water” And God created every animal from water ” ( Quran 24:45 ) . What will be definite proof that life is created and not evolved ?? It is water H2O. Water suffered no evolution from another source as a product of time thus Water lack co ordination and stability with time to aid a billion years evolutionery process . If water is found in another planet, still water cannot be designated as product of Time, H2O is A permanent law or command written by PEN in nature (destiny) which will contnue to display any where in universe where oxygen and hydrogen is available. If life is an Accident then Life may be found in another planet even that planet is made of copper. For An accident cannot be dependent on another factor like water..if a Pre-condition like water is a requirement for an accident (life) to happen,then this life must be A divine plan.

    Time is not a cause Time is not a real entity or quantity. Time is nooothing.. Null…00.. Nada (void of self). To validate evolution theory you must establish A definition of Time, it is not possible. Did you ever think or ask yourself a question WHAT IS TIME ??? your mind will go blank, Time will create a delusion in your psyco, beacuse Time itself is illusion, In mathematical term time is variable,Relative and unstable .To understand Einstiens space time theory you need to grow wrinkles on your forhead likeEinstein.

    1 Kg, 1 Lbs, 1 Km, 1 Mile, 1 Minute, 1 Hour, 1 Year ,100 Years, Million years, Billion years, Time is a relative standard (Einstein) Water is not a product of time, Atomic and Molecular weight of all elements and componds will remain same unaffected and unchanged by Time until eternity. Even number of smallest praticle electrons and protons, will remain same on this earth or another planet. . TIME FAILED HERE AS ETERNAL CAUSE………. Evolution is invalid or false (confirmed). Natural selection falls within lot of destiny,Time or nature is not aware when an accident will take place , so it is illogical hallucination that a micro cell or life resulted merely from accident will religiously follow billion years evolutionery process in a chaotic envournment of Tsunami. . Natural selection cannot explain why you can be recorded as you, A perfect DNA code will define you as you. Never anyone was born or will born like you, Actual truth is hidden is in your individuality, a perfect definition of One is in you , you cannot be a tree or monky or humen at the same time, every atom and cell is created one and suffer its own destiny.The first prey fallen in net of existance was you (soul). Then “HE” created and coloured universe to welcome you so that you may reflect in you, ” I am in your individuality, but you do not observe”.—(Sura Dhariyat, 51:21) ,

  3. Alka Gupta says

    Dear Taslima, hinduism is not a religion. Therefore it will never be extinct like “religions”. The nature of hinduism is eternal knowledge. Pls. read book “Satyarth Prakash” by Swami Dayanand Saraswati if you want to learn about hindu vedic dharama/hinduism.

    • Damien McLeod says

      Dear Mr. Gupta, Do Hindu’s believe in Sky-Fairies (Gods and Goddesses)? If so, they are religious, and therefore, as a group, are practicing a religion. What religion might that be? Well, I think most people call it Hinduism.
      As to “Eternal Knowledge”, science shows that eternity doesn’t exist and therefore eternal knowledge can’t exist.
      In choosing a source of knowledge about the nature of reality I’ll take Scientific American, etc, over the Vedas or any other religious texts any day. So called Holy Books are not to be trusted as good sources of information about anything. Respectfully, Damien McLeod

      • Chaitanya Parvataneni says

        Hi Damien McLeod,
        I will not agree with you, yes the popular belief is that Hinduism is a religion. In India too, we call it a religion. But, It is linked more with or around human beings development than any heaven, god or any book. You may call it many things, but when it is not something you know, you should try to know it, then you may criticize. I don’t know about any other religions, but, in our culture and belief, humans have the capability to become god. We believe that. We have special sciences developed only for developing human life. In our histories, that are now being called as religious books, we have devotees who were able to curse their gods, because they did not follow dharma.

        Yes, now there are somethings that are happening out of order, because the whole system is destroyed. But, you cannot label a whole civilization into a religion, because you want to or now you have the majority.

        Regarding your scientific american, eternal knowledge and stuff, there are still people in america, who think earth is flat.
        Do you know the nature of electron, it has dual nature, what does it mean. E=mc2, what does that mean? It points out that everything is energy, that points that everything is one.

        Let me tell you something, a diamond does not become a rock, just because you think so. Or does it?

        Please try and understand about the subject before you make harsh statements. You never read veda’s, I never did, you never read our holy books, i did.
        If you are going to say, that “that mine does not produce diamonds”, first check the mine and then say that. We may not know the whole, but we have a lot of it with us.

  4. Alka Gupta says

    Dear Taslima, I love reading your articles. They are wonderful. I cannot but agree with you about how you view religion and have an open perception of seeing things especially those in the name of religion. I wish more and more people in this world were like you. You are a brave soul. I simply adore and salute your courage.

    • says

      God is no human being. The mankind in the earth have seen miracles which is beyond their believe. People thus have realised that Some one with such power is there. So people are running after it. It is not at all wise to deny this with one’s limited experience not being exposed to such type of experience. In every fraction of second miracles are experienced in some and other’s life in this universe. Get completely surrendered to that Almighty and you will have that experience. Nothing is impossible in the hand of God. Believe it and you will see. Do not be over excited with the words of an inexperienced fellow or else you will also fall in to a pit. There are so many things to experience in this universe. Be tolerant. Try to find fellows having such miraculous experience and be blessed. Almighty has that capacity to have things from nothing. In a religious meeting banana were distributed and it fall short. The woman who was the organiser called her God, God do some thing and banana fall from above. As on this day also miracles happening. If you have ears please hear. So if something you heard and it is un believable to you then it is surely your fault. With your limited experience please do not criticise others those who believe it. Those who believe are not necessarily fools or ignorant. If banana can fall into the meeting place from above why not sperm cell from above come and enter in to the female reproductive system for which you certify Mary’s case as unbelievable. Of course the story in case of marry is little different. May God bless you to believe.


  5. Prashna Samaddar says

    Dear Taslima madam, I don’t have words to put froward so as to describe you and your contribution to the literary world. Though your powerful works have made you pay many things which were worth not paying, but at the same time you have gained many a things which are probably priceless. Recently I saw a movie,’NIRBASHITO’ which Iprobably believe is a biopic of yours showing some glimpses of life. After that I have closely gone through many of the writings and opinions in your context. I really believe its an irony that while many parts of the World is understanding your fearless presenting attitude, your own country has failed to do that. You are a real symbol of NAREE SHOKTI who can prove that what is all about an undaunted power of self expression. I salute you courage and wish if I could meet you some day or could attend your lecture.

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