Bad ad.


This is a bad ad.

It seems the organization that has given the ad has been influenced by Hitler to hate people.

The Quran is a book of hatred and horror. It is against non-Muslims. True.

The Quran is also against women. Against democracy, human rights, freedom of expression.

The truth is the Quran is more against Muslims than against non-Muslims. Muslims suffer more than non-Muslims because of Islam.

The people born in Muslim countries are not responsible for what a man called Muhammad did 1400 years ago.

Like all the children in the world, the children living in Muslim countries need food,drinking water, shelter and care. They badly need secular education. Poor women in Muslim countries need education, job and independence. If US aid helps them to survive and fight poverty, illiteracy, bigotry, then why US should end all aid to Muslim countries?

Muslim countries are giving birth to fanatics and terrorists. True.
Muslims countries are also giving birth to people who have thinking mind, people who are bravely opposing Islamic oppressions. More and more people in Muslim countries are trying to reform Islam, questioning Islam, leaving Islam, challenging hateful fundamentalists. They are trying to secularize societies and states. More and more people in Muslim countries are becoming revolutionaries, taking risks to enlighten people. They get attacked, jailed, exiled, killed. Wasn’t I born and brought up in a Muslim country and became a rebel?

Muslim societies are full of hatred. Judeo-Christian societies and other non-Muslim societies are not hatred-free. What we need is love and compassion in the world of hatred. For the sake of humanity, we need to stop indoctrinating children with religion, patriarchy, misogyny, ignorance, and superstitions. The world will be changed.

The anti-Muslim organization has the right to give an ad. I have the right to say, this is a bad ad.


  1. Jayesh says

    The add speaks the truth of Quran Since you and I have same problem can you quote Hindu book on such hatred. The west also forgets Hitler and Nazis where Christians and the bible says the same about Jews n pagans (Hindus)

  2. Ajay Kumar says

    So the aid must be given to the children only if they accept secular education and commit to secular ideals. But all aid is routed through government and how can you expect a government of a Muslim country (whose constitution is Sharia based) to spend the aid to further the cause of secularism?

  3. Bruce Martin says

    The bible is pro-slavery. We fixed slavery (mostly), but not by changing the bible. Instead, we did it by changing people’s opinions. I think this history supports the validity of taslima’s analysis.

  4. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    @ ^ Jayesh : I think the term “pagans” applies a lot more broadly than just to the Hindus inded it would’eve origanlly been aimed mostly if not exclusively at the “local” (to them) Roman – Greek-Mithraic /Zoroastrian pantheons but yes.

    @Taslima Nasreen : I think you’ve summed it up very well and agree completely here.

  5. Ed says

    Funny that Zoroastrians are considered “pagan” when much of the monotheistic tradition is strongly influenced by it.

    The bus ad is indeed terrible, even though Islam deserves to be criticized. It demonizes Muslims and Muslim-majority nations as such; apparently advocating isolation and rejection of a billion people as the answer. Liberal Muslims and secular people who are nominal Muslims for cultural reasons are clearly targets of this group as well as the real criminals and the reactionaries who support them.

    The idea that because some members of a given nationality allied themselves with the Nazis the entire population must be condemned to this day is absurd, and would also require the blanket condemnation of most of Europe and the US which had a surprising number of sympathizers.

  6. Nazmul Hassan says

    Islam never says unrealistic speaking.It is always act for huminity,women,men for all human being.Those people have no any heart they only against Islam.Understand The Holy Quran with your open mind I think that you will be never disappointed in this world and for the next life which will start after your death.

    • No One says

      You are probably sincerely believe that. I can understand your beliefs and motivations. Making women wear that dreadful thing, imprisoning, beating and killing individuals who do not believe as you do is not for the betterment of humanity.


      “Understand The Holy Quran with your open mind I think that you will be never disappointed in this world and for the next life which will start after your death.”


      “Understand The Holy Bible with your open mind I think that you will be never disappointed in this world and for the next life which will start after your death.”


      “Understand The Holy Torah with your open mind I think that you will be never disappointed in this world and for the next life which will start after your death.”


      “Understand Dianetics with your open mind I think that you will be never disappointed in this world and for the next life which will start after your death.”

      All the above phrases have left the lips of my fellow human beings, all were as sincere in their delivery as you were in yours. It is a religio-cultural delusion. And while a have respect for my fellow human beings ability to feel pain, joy, love, and sorrow, I have zero respect for any sociological construct that inflicts misery, un-truth, and delusion. There is enough pain and sorrow in the universe with the artificial, neurotic overly of religion.

  7. says

    Dear Taslima,

    This ad is a specific response to ads calling for stopping aid to Israel or boycotting it.

    I follow the blog of pamela geller as i do yours. I don’t see she is against common people.

    Her point is to highlight the jew hatred in Islam. This photo of Hitler with Mufti of Jerusalem is used to draw attention to the fact that just like Hitler, ‘Muslims’ also hate jews.

    • Rasmus says

      Why on Earth should a country (Israel) with a per capita GDP of $30k need economic aid from other countries?

      When your land gets stolen by Russia you get to keep your property and you get Russian citizenship. And they don’t even bulldoze your house. I wish the same could be said about Israel!

      I mean, I wish that Israel didn’t steal land at all, but I’ve been told by the local Israeli government propaganda representative here in Sweden that we should hold Israel to the same standards that we hold countries like China and Russia, which I guess is fair enough if that’s what the Israeli people wants.

  8. Latverian Diplomat says

    A lot of this “aid” is for pacification. To keep Iraq and Afghanistan from exploding into outright revolt against American installed governments, to pacify Israel neighbors like Egypt and Jordan, or to get military cooperation agreements as in Yemen and Pakistan.

    The reputation of the US government as a generous donor that gives aid primarily out of good will is largely untrue.

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