The link between blasphemy and cancer

There are way too many ignorant people living in the world. They believe if you commit blasphemy, you will suffer from cancer.

A few weeks ago, doctors found a tiny tumour in my breast. I was worried. I was desperate to know whether it was benign or malignant. Biopsy result showed it was a benign tumour, not malignant, and I wouldn’t even need any treatment for it.

But the fanatics didn’t like the news that I didn’t have cancer. They started spreading lies, that I got cancer. Then of course the Islamic scientists discovered the reason behind my so called cancer. They said it was my blasphemous acts that caused me cancer. They are saying that because I criticize Islam, Allah has given me cancer, I will soon burn in hell. They believe if anyone commits sin, he/she gets cancer.

I am relieved because my breast tumour is benign, not malignant, but I know I can have cancer any day. The incidence of cancer is increasing in the subcontinent. It is interesting to see how Muslim fanatics link sin and cancer with blasphemy. Some comments in a Bangladesh’s newspaper are hilarious. Commenters are just haters. They get extremely happy knowing that I have been suffering from ‘cancer’. They said, I got breast cancer, because my breasts were touched by many men. I know that If I get uterus cancer, they would say, because I believe in women’s right over their own body including uterus, Allah has given cancer in my uterus. If I get brain cancer, they would say, because I use my brain against Islam, Allah has given cancer in my brain. If I get cancer in my hands, they would say, I write against Islam, so Allah has given cancer in my hands. My body becomes very important for Muslim fanatics to prove that Allah exists.

Atheism and humanism encourage me to be kind and nice. Religious beliefs make people hateful, nasty and cruel. I would feel very sad even if my enemy gets cancer, but religious people dance with happiness to celebrate my illness. There is no relation between cancer and blasphemy, but it seems there is a relation between religion and barbarity.


  1. sarita says

    A big HaHaHa… fantastic post. Such fanatic fabricated news about ur illness proves that their allah needs atheist body so much to prove his existence.only by death and destruction his ‘peaceful’ religion and its godmen pace out..thats why many tweeples even got surprised to see u alive. And u said ”I resurrected”.haha.. anyway, now pranks of mullahs met a shocking defeat. i m sure. Lolzz

  2. Shrikant Ahire says

    Its so ignorant to think like this. How can blasphemy will be reason for cancer? Its nothing but lack of knowledge. What we can do is only fell pity for such people and bring best human from within us.

  3. lpetrich says

    That seems like an inefficient way of punishing someone troublesome. A bolt of lightning would be *much* more effective.

  4. melina says

    i hope you’re doing well. You seemed thoughtful which is totally normal in youre situation. I wish you all the best
    and I hope that your haters get theyre stupid mouth shut, I don’t wish them cancer because my father died of it. But that they’re happy about it shows that they don’t have any empathy anymore. You’re doing more than great, remember that.

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