Penis festival.

I knew about penis park, penis museum, but never heard of penis festival before. Now I have learned that it takes place in Kawasaki, Japan. Japanese have been celebrating penis festival since 17th century. They just celebrated their penis festival Kanamara Matsuri on April 6 this year. People paraded gigantic phallic-shaped structure down the streets during the festival. They suck on penis lollipops, buy penis-themed memorabilia. Here are some festival pictures:











Is there any vagina festival anywhere? Or the world is just orbiting penis?


    • Jeanette says

      Not exactly. Not ALL women love mens’ penises. Some are scared of them (and their perverted, potential rapist owners, some are repulsed by them, hate them, want to cut them off, hurt them, bite them, slap them, puke on them, etc! Phallic worship is everywhere, however. Women are taught to hate their bodies, and men obviously love theirs! Imagine if they had a testicle parade?! Psheww! It is really homoerotic that this penis parade exists. It makes me sick, actually. Worship the penis! Worship the penis! Yeah riiight! (Worship my pussi is what I like to say!) If I were there at the pro-phallic parade, I’d bring some cool lesbians with me, and we’d wreak havoc on this stupid event! Not everyone enjoys sucking cock you know. A guy pushed my head too deep on his penis, and I vomited! Haha!

  1. =8)-DX says

    From the link:

    At the Hime-no-miya grand vagina festival, parents dress up their kids, pray for healthy babies, and celebrate with sake, beer and snacks galore.

    In the morning, children carry a small vagina to the Ogata shrine. Later, some 40 grown men strain under the weight of a massive vagina while carrying it to the shrine in the main parade. They’re followed by two smaller vagina litters.

    Actually quite touching. And they don’t seem to be sex-shaming their children, also a good idea.

  2. blondeintokyo says

    Oh, they definitely have sex shaming in Japanese culture. it’s just in a different form than that in American culture. And the very idea of female sexual autonomy is alien to them.

  3. Faisal Khalil says

    All the free thinkers (including Taslima Nasreen) likes suck & fuck the penis and encourages other women to do these kind of shameless activities because they have no fear of God & Hell. All the people who are supporting these unethical & dirty festivals are actually supporting satanic agenda. Only the fear of GOD can keep the people away from these shameless people & their shameless deeds. All these kind of free thinkers are Misleading people and attracting people towards the unethical mindset and unethical activities.

    • tanvirzahir says

      Hi Faisal,
      Your concept of “shame” is quite different from that of the free-thinkers. Free-thinkers find shame in depriving women from identity and many rights, marrying children, stoning women to death for whatever reason, killing random people only because they possess different belief, and so on. Muslims are non-thinkers (sounds a good antonym for free-thinkers). They find shame in innocent festivals. I would love to join both vagina festival and penis festival just to watch people having fun, and hopefully I’ll have some too, so long as I don’t hurt someone else’s rights. There is no shame in celebrating such festivals.
      You should consider the following advice seriously. Be a part of the vagina festival or organize one such event in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan because our prophet Muhammad loved vagina. He loved to shove his hard erected penis indiscriminately into every vagina around him. One of them was his adopted son’s wife. I think Zaid loved to see hid dad working extra hard to keep his wife happy.

    • Rather Pasta than god says

      @ Faisal, the shame you have for your own body and that of men, including the actions is in my opinion unnatural. Your definiton of unethical may not be the correct one. (In my opinion actually it’s a very high chance)

      As an athiëst I do have moral standards, but they are formed out of love for everyone. Not out of fear of some diety. This means I have my baseline set to don’t do to others what you don’t want to experience yourself.

      I would suggest you try to apply that instead of fear and those rules into your daily life.

      If not, please do not procreate, because that would mean that you’d have to be a hypocrit and do shameless actions. And traumatising your child/children in the mean time because of the fear you instill upon them.

      On topic: genital festivals are quite common in Japan. It is only when the foreigns arrived, western standards of separation of sexes were implemented. (bath houses used to be unisex for example).

  4. says

    I read that in South India, where they actually worship Amman, is actually worshiping Women’s Vagina (but in modern days the Amman statues are made in such a way that the vagina is hidden by one of the legs posture) and they give Kumkum (which is the sign of Menstural Blood).

    Check here. All the Gods posture will have one leg in her lap.

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