Authorities are desperate to protect lies and myths

Bangladesh did it to me long ago. Twenty years have passed. The country hasn’t learnt anything. It hasn’t stopped harassing thinking minds. Now the country’s new fucking laws gave the fucking authorities the fucking right to fucking arrest two teenagers for writing about fucking religion on their facebook and blogs. I am sick and tired of the fucking news of fucking harassment of atheists almost every fucking day.


  1. Sarita Ahmed says

    Really, the arrest of Rahi and Ucchas is most fucking action taken by nasty BD Govt. They didn’t post any anti-nation blog. Cops arrested them, molested them on the eve of their Examination. Their future is in utter darkness. protecting Lies and religious dogmas is not only bound in politics in today’s era , but it is practiced in State rules. The Act 57 is such a nasty rule that suppress every free speaking voice. Its NOT an Act, but a severe problem… Problem of all freethinking minds . So, those who think that this is only a personal issue of two teenagers , are awfully ‘Mistaken’.. because, today It strangulates them, tomorrow it will be our turn.

  2. busterggi says

    Its not that some religions are more poisonous than others so much as the more powerful a religion is the more poisonous it is.

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