A woman was gang raped on the orders of a village council. Her crime? She fell in love with a man outside her community.

A woman was gang raped because she was in love with a man outside her community.

A WOMAN was gang-raped by 13 men on the orders of a village council in eastern India as punishment for apparently having an affair.

The council ordered the horrific penalty to be carried out in a village in West Bengal state on Tuesday night after the 20-year-old woman was discovered with a man from another community, a senior officer said.

“The girl was gang-raped for having an affair with a youth of another community and failing to pay the fine which was imposed by the village council,” district police superintendent C. Sudhakar told AFP.

“The head of the village council held an urgent meeting in the village square on Tuesday when the girl and her lover were called,” Sudhakar said.

“The girl and her lover were tied to two separate trees and fined 25,000 rupees each as a fine for having an affair,” he said.

“As the parents of the girl, who were also present at the meeting, expressed their inability to pay the fine, the head of the village council ordered that she should be raped by the villagers as punishment,” he said.

The man apparently involved with the girl was freed after he agreed to pay the fine within a week, he said.

The woman was recovering from the attack in a hospital.

Last month, India marked the first anniversary of the death of the 23-year-old student who was gang-raped in New Delhi on a moving bus, in an attack that sent shock waves across the nation.

Despite tougher laws and efforts to change attitudes to women in India’s deeply patriarchal society, the number of reported sex crimes continues to rise.

We are raped, it is our fault.

It is actually our fault that we live with our oppressors, abusers, rapists, murderers.


  1. partha pratim Pathak says

    Please find a place or create a place to live happily alone closing all doors seems harmful to you.

    And let us enjoy our diversified world with all associated threats. Will try to mitigate few/all to make life
    more pleasant.

  2. lorn says

    There is a protocol for dealing with violence:
    1) Take the weapon away from the perpetrator.
    2) Restructure the perpetrator’s motivations to reduce the odds of any repeat of the crime.

    1) Remove penile shaft.
    2) Remove testicles.

    The up side is that there should be little or no recidivism.
    As an added bonus the perpetrators will not have to worry about developing male pattern baldness. As with castrated steers the tendency will be toward less aggression and a shift toward a calmer and more accepting attitude.

    When men behave as animals they should be handled as animals.

  3. kraut says

    What I don’t understand is the utter stupidity of the underlying motive – in Europe villages it was well known in olden times that an outsiders genes (they called it blood) was necessary to prevent the occurrence of undesirable traits by too close breeding, likely based on observation of what happened in livestock.
    So the outsider – although always somewhat watched with suspicion – was necessary. That also happened in African tribes, where it was mandatory to get a partner from another village.

    Those elders are amazing in their ignorance of just about everything, including their being idiots.

  4. Faisal Khalil says

    There is only 2 ways to get rid of this crime.
    (1): Find the reasons why cases of rapes is increasing ? what is the reasons behind this ? why the sexual emotions of some males are so increasing that tends them towards this hilarious crime. Find the reasons behind these problems, get the legitimate solutions of these problems and ripped them from their roots.
    (2): There should be a strict punishment for rape. The punishment should be so strict that its not only give criminal a lesson but make an example of him that if any body else try to rape a woman he will face the same consequences.

    This village case is the worst rape case i have ever heard. The head of the village council and all 13 men who gang-raped the woman should face a strict punishment. And only one punishment is coming in my mind, not only in my mind but it would be in the minds of the family of that victim.
    And that punishment is THE DEATH PENALTY.

    • Faisal Khalil says

      Death penalty can be avoid in same cases but this case is front of every one, at least the head of the village council should get a capital punishment.

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