India banned love. But love must not be banned.



India celebrated Human Rights Day on December 10 and passed the verdict against Human Rights to have consensual sex next day. India re-criminalized homosexuality. Some countries love to remain backward.


  1. Prick says

    Law of nature: Male poles should only enter female holes.

    Against law of nature:
    (1) Male pole enter another male hole.
    (2) Females using artificial poles to enter other females hole.

    • says

      If you were attempting to satirize people who are seeking to control others for no reason and deny reality to do so, you have succeeded.

      If you were being serious:

      That is dangerously wrong nonsense.

      Homosexuality, heterosexuality, and all of the other extremely wide range of human sexuality are all natural*. And very far from all human sex involves someone’s penis in someone’s vagina (depending on how you count things, that is a minority of human sex acts).

      And “laws of nature” are things like “energy is conserved” or “global entropy increases with time” – basic rules of physics that are never broken. They do not include human behaviors or the ethical judgements assigned to them.

      Something’s being “natural” does not make it good, or something’s being artificial does not make it bad.

      *And many animals other than humans have similarly wide ranges of sexual behavior. For example:

      • says

        I said:

        Something’s being “natural” does not make it good, or something’s being artificial does not make it bad.

        Let me make my meaning clearer with examples:

        1. People having mutually-consenting safe sex with one another. Natural and Good

        2. People communicating over the internet. Artificial and Good

        3. Measles. Natural and Bad

        4. Authoritarian social dominators deciding that it is appropriate to sentence people to life in prison for having certain kinds of mutually-consenting safe sex. Artificial and Bad.

  2. John Morales says

    I find that appallingly regressive, not just in moral terms, but in societal terms. Very disappointing.

    I don’t doubt that this law will be selectively enforced, and I don’t doubt that such enforcement will preferentially be used on those with the least power.

    I literally cannot imagine the dismay that gay or bi people in India would be feeling right now.
    That’s a damn lot of people!

    (I can only hope that those responsible for this will pay the political price, once India wakes up again)

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    And homosexuality is natural and occurs in the animal kingdom all the time.

    Love is love.

    Other people’s sex (& romantic) lives are just that.

    Men loving men, women loving women nobody else is hurt individuals making those choices or being who and what they are.

    So, why, why be cruel and mean-spirited, unjust and bigoted and hateful and torment these fellow human individuals in any way whether legally or not?!

    Love must not be banned, and it cannot be banned.
    For it cannot be helped and it cannot be planned.
    Whatever your gender, whatever your sex,
    We’re all flipping human, all must equally flex
    Our rights to be treated
    Fairly and just
    Religious bigotry is just so bust
    For who is to say
    Whether someone is gay
    Can you make them be born thus?
    Did you choose your way?

    Let everyone love
    Let all of us kind
    Live up to potential
    and remember love is blind
    So let all that hatred just fall away
    Queer or questioning, straight intersex, gay
    We all seek compassion and love for ourselves
    What sort of a bigot denies others as well?
    The homophobe’s rancor has no good at heart
    Just rot and no evidence of cause to rend apart
    Let those who seek love
    Find all that they need
    Let those who spout hatreds
    Stop making other hearts bleed.

  4. says

    Sex between the two persons must be the private matter. The two persons may belong to opposite sex or may belong to the same sex. It is their personal choice, it cannot be the subject of the state or society. State cannot enter into our bedroom .

    • John Morales says

      Your comment is predicated on Taslima claiming all forms of love have been banned (which makes me think you’re opining only on the post title and not its actual content) by virtue of banning homosexual sexual congress, but this is not the case. Further, I put it to you that though it is true that not all sexual activity is an expression of love, it is also true that at least some sexual activity is an expression of love — accordingly, banning loving sexual activity between members of the same sex is effectively a ban of at least some forms of love.

      (Do you actually have any personal opinion as to the merits or otherwise of this retrograde action?)

  5. says

    Hello Madam Taslima Nasrin,
    I am Bangladeshi, please don’t hate me as because Bangladesh could not give you due honor. But believe me, I like you very much. As a straight forward witter I am your fan.

    All best wishes for your secured & prosperous life.


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