1. prodegtion says

    End ALL violence.

    People often ask me why I am against initiatives which specifically aim to eliminate violence against women. Surely an initiative helping a subset of the population, even when it discriminates against everyone else, is still a net gain? Better than them helping no one at all?

    No. The reason is simple. Initiatives like this normalize the stereotype that violence is somehow worse when it is against women. In the short run (and perhaps even in the long run), we may a little more violence against women, but in the long run, we will have less violence overall, if we oppose these initiatives (which is better, because violence against women is not worse the violence against men).

    Put simply, opposing violence specifically against the gender which is much less likely to be the victim of violence implies that only violence against that gender is wrong. After all, if violence against both genders was wrong, why wouldn’t you at least first seek to end violence against the gender which is much more likely to be the victim of violence?

    • Good says

      Put simply, opposing violence specifically against the gender which is much less likely to be the victim of violence implies that only violence against that gender is wrong.


    • unre9istered says

      “Initiatives like this normalize the stereotype that violence is somehow worse when it is against women.”

      At what point does this initiative claim that violence against women is worse than that against men?

      “…but in the long run, we will have less violence overall, if we oppose these initiatives.”

      In what way does opposing this initiative reduce violence in any way shape or form? If you want to reduce violence, then start your own initiative to do so. Opposing this one (or any anti-violence initiative) is wasting time that could be better spent fighting violence elsewhere.

    • Unphysicalism says

      Male “victims” of violence deserve it 99% of the time. Male on male violence is one method by which the genetically inferior males are rooted out of the gene pool. Female survival is important. Male survival is a waste of resources, because the males that deserve to survive and reproduce don’t need help most of the time anyway. It’s only weaklings, cripples, retards, and other undesirables with chromosomal damage that can’t survive without help. Putting all the effort into ending violence against women both ensures there are enough females alive to reproduce and also prevents us from wasting money on inferior male specimens. Two birds with one stone.

      • Jeanette says

        I love it! I also love how when we talk about women’s issues specifically, men always try and dominate the conversation and bring the spotlight back to them! Men hurt women in astounding numbers! Look at what happens especially in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Asia, Africa, the UK, the USA…get my point here? Extreme violence is committed against women by MEN. Just read this blog, guys, and stop your bullshit about “oh men have it worse,” etc. Take responsibility for all of the hurt you cause women and girls by raping us, mentally abusing us, raping us, buying prostitutes, watching rape for pay porn, murdering us, sexually harassing us, throwing acid in our fucking faces etc!! Face up to what you do! You guys are committing femicide! We have to give birth to you, and this is how you treat us?! I am never having kids for fear that I’ll give birth to another misogynist who will hate me. Screw that. You men do kill each other! Leave us women alone and let us live our lives without your intervention. You guys have no respect for LIFE!

        • Good says

          Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream out at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return, for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so…They cannot state a fact accurately to another, nor can that other attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of want of sympathy?

          I am sick with indignation at what wives and mothers will do of the most egregious selfishness. And people call it all maternal or conjugal affection, and think it pretty to say so. No, no, let each person tell the truth from his own experience.” – Florence Nightingale


        • Unphysicalism says

          Choosing not to have children is the same as choosing suicide. The only purpose of life is reproduction. Those who choose not to reproduce are as worthless and degenerate as those to inferior to be allowed to reproduce, or those too old to be capable of reproduction. All three should have their viable organs salvaged to keep alive those who can actually contribute to the gene pool.

          • Malo says

            There are 7 billion on the planet, so it really doesn’t matter if people reproduce or not. Also, thanks for explicitly admitting that you believe women have no agency over their own body, so we know not to take your opinions seriously.

          • Unphysicalism says

            No one has bodily agency. Human “rights” are a feel-good myth by liberals who wish for a utopian world of egalitarianism. Women should be made to reproduce and men should be enslaved to do physical labor. Homosexual males would be allowed to exist, but must either mate with a female or at least donate semen samples. Homosexual sex, on the other hand, is to be banned, as is any non-reproductive intercourse, for it is a waste of resources and a distraction from physical slave labor. Any male specimens too inferior should be eliminated. We don’t want inferior stock polluting the gene pool. Other than mandatory reproduction, females would be free to pursue any work which doesn’t place them in physical danger. Males, on the other hand, will be slaves. Their only purpose is to do the physical labor that would place more precious female lives at risk. Any males refusing to do physical labor should be disposed of like the broken machinery they are.

  2. RU12 says

    Studies have shown that more than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, yet very few people know about this, and far less help is available for abused men than for women.

    While protecting women and children from domestic violence is of utmost importance, we must not forget about our men either.

    In some ways domestic violence against men is more problematic because if he speaks out, he is often forced to leave his children in the care of an abusive spouse.

    • Malo says

      First of all, the violence that men commit against women is much more extreme than the violence that women commit against men. Men kill women FAR more often than women kill men, so even if the 40% figure is correct, men still kill in disproportionately higher numbers. Women also don’t imprison or rape or maim their spouses in nearly the same proportions that men do (even considering that the >40% stat is correct).

      Second of all, no, violence by women against men is not the exact same thing as violence against women. Sorry, but men have vastly more institutional power than women do. They have a social, political and financial advantage over women, and that makes man-on-woman violence ESPECIALLY devastating. No, it is not “just as bad” when a wife does it, so go fuck yourself. Men and women are not equal in this society. Women’s prisons are full of women who retaliated against male abusers, while men rarely suffer any consequences for spousal abuse.

      Third of all, the reason that we fucking have the End Violence Against Women Day, is because violence against women by husbands was and still is, in many places seen as normal (or even necessary). There was never any such social approval for woman-on-man violence. I shouldn’t have to point that out, because it’s fucking obvious, but apparently I do.

      • Unphysicalism says

        The only important fact is that violence against men is usually a good thing which has eugenic benefits (It kills off the weak and undesirable males who don’t deserve to reproduce.), whereas violence against women serves no purpose in bettering the gene pool (unless the female is too old to reproduce, has genetic diseases, or is mentally or physically unfit). Female lives and female survival are important for reproductive capacity. Male lives are not. Since the only thing that matters in life is reproduction, this makes individual male lives largely worthless but female lives (if they are young, healthy, and fertile) of immense value. Violence against genetically useable females is an unacceptable reproductive inefficiency.

    • Unphysicalism says

      Those men are genetically inferior slop and they deserve the bad things that happen to them. Women deserve protection, because they have offspring. Men deserve eugenics driven by competition and a struggle for survival, because their purpose is to be the specimens from which women perform sexual selection. Men who are too weak deserve to die. Men who are crippled, retarded, diseased, etc. deserve death. Women all get to live. When it comes to men, survival of the fittest should rule.

    • Malo says

      Well, you can celebrate “End Violence Against Men Day”. Nobody’s stopping you. Good luck trying to get other men excited about that.

      • Unphysicalism says

        I would stop him. Men should not be allowed to celebrate anything. They need to do physical labor or mate at all times unless they are engaging in basic biological maintenance. They have no time for frivolities like “fun” or “happiness.” Only women have time for such things.

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