Where is Hamed Abdel-Samad? Is he killed because he is critical of Islam?

Hamed Abdel-Samad is disappeared.


Police in Cairo are investigating the disappearance of an Egyptian-born German author and critic of Islam, security sources said on Tuesday, months after a cleric declared him an infidel and called for his death.

Hamed Abdel-Samad, author of “The Downfall of the Islamic World: A Prognosis”, went missing in recent days, according to a missing person’s report filed by his brother, police sources said. An Egyptian newspaper report said he had been abducted.

The German ambassador in Cairo has asked Egypt’s deputy prime minister, Ziad Bahaa El-Din, to do everything to secure his “personal freedom and physical well-being”, a German Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

He added Abdel-Samad, 41, had been in contact with the German embassy in Cairo regarding his personal safety, without giving further details. His whereabouts were unknown and the German authorities were working hard to solve the case, he said.

In a television show broadcast in June and posted on YouTube, an Egyptian cleric, Mahmoud Shaaban, called for the killing of the author, who frequently appears in German media as a speaker on Islamic affairs, saying he was an infidel.

If you criticize Islam, you will be harassed, imprisoned, abused, killed or thrown out of your country. No other people face the brutality and hatred of Muslims more than critics of Islam with Muslim background. Should ex-Muslims continue to be killed? When would faith-heads stop the silent genocide of anti-theists, atheists, rationalists, humanists?

We are not living in the 7th century, or are we actually living in the 7th century?


  1. Redfox says

    Good news, he is alive. Right now he is in the German embassy in Cairo. It’s not jet clear what actually happened.


  2. UJJAL says

    Every religion is intolerant. Some more, some less.
    Religion spreads hatred. Religion circumcises and mutilates even a baby. Religion teaches untrue and un-scientific lessons to kids. Religion diverts a talented youth from knowledge and provokes him into taking revenge and converts him into a murderer. Religion encourages a supposed to be matured MAN to abuse and ill-treat and almost keep his WOMAN / WOMEN as custody servants. Religion, instead of giving the old MEN scope to become wise permits them to perform all the in human activities as above.

    It is good and joyful to know that this time Hamid Abdal – Samad got saved and is alive.
    Look forward to hear from him soon.

  3. RU12 says

    One of the more dangerous consequences of today’s radical-Islamic-violence, is the undermining effect it seems to be having on faith in general.

    • Malo says

      Yeah, the real problem with terrorism and violence isn’t that it harms people, it’s that it people might see past the bullshit of religion. Right?
      Ironically, you were crying about how nobody takes “violence against men” seriously in Taslima’s previous post, and now you are hand-waving away actual violence against men (people) as a distraction from the “real problem” of lowered church attendance. Pathetic.

  4. UJJAL says

    Every damn thing on earth should be criticized. Criticism will reveal the truth, nothing else can.
    All religion are to be restored….in the museum.
    For present and future human to understand how these unscientific and in-human brutal diktats damaged the peaceful and harmonious relation between human.

    Any criticism is less for the quantum of damage religion has done on mankind.

  5. No One says

    6 jaffafac

    First, you shouldn’t criticise islam – its just very wrong

    Nonsense. Nothing is beyond criticism. Anyone who says different is blowing smoke in your face.

  6. says

    We are happy to know that Abdel-Samad is alive and is now in a safe custody of German embassy. Many many thanks to the Govt of Egypt and German for taking serious steps to rescue him. But we think that the duty is not yet completed of the Egypt Govt. This Govt should arrest immediately that very cleric who gave fatwa of killing and punish him according to their law. I think it is more important and better to uproot the evils like clerics from the society who issue fatwas of killing in the name of Allah and Islam than to save the rationalists and critics of Islam.

  7. RU12 says

    @jaffafac” you shouldn’t criticise islam”

    There is quite a big difference between criticising Islam and criticising radical-Islamic-violence. (Unless of course, you believe you can’t have one without the other)

  8. John Coelho says

    Taslima makes no distinction between religion and spirituality that I know of. The latter is completely compatiblle with rationalism and human rights and is a sensiblity or faculty that complements rationality.

    It is an outrage that, having escaped intolerance in Bangladesh, she should be thwarted by it in India. The cowardly liberals that appease religious fanatics, in quieting her, are betraying the most important principle of liberalism,: freedom of expression.

    The large spiritual core of Hinduism is more appropriately aligned with a human-rights sensibility than feudal caste and gender obscurantism.

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