1. slc1 says

    OT, but somewhat related: Is Dr. Nasreen going to comment on the ouster today of Egyptian President Morsi by the Egyptian Armed Forces?

  2. wtfwhatever says

    “Not only in Egypt, sexual violence against women occurs everywhere in the world. Women are exploited, insulted, oppressed, beaten, threatened, harassed, tortured, raped, killed by no other beings but men, their fellow humans.”


    Women don’t oppress, beat, rape, torture other women?

    Yet another ignorant and bigoted statement by Dr. Nasreen.

    • Jeanette says

      Maybe in a miniscule amount. Not n the AMOUNT THAT MEN DO TO WOMEN EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES! Are you hiding under a rock? Go read a newspaper and see how everyday, women are beaten, killed, raped, stalked, etc. by their SIGNIFICANT OTHER. Husband, boyfriend, it doesn’t matter. Watch the news if you dare. By sayng what you said, you are trying to excuse men for their incessant violence against women. I am a rape survivor. When people open up to me, (both men and women) and tell me they were molested, raped, etc., guess who the perp is? Surely not a cat. Yes, it was a man. Stop making excuses for men’s bad, evil behaviour. I am tired of people like you trying to skirt the issue of men’s violence against women by making such ridiculous statements.

  3. Anil says

    Dear Taslima,


    “Women are exploited, insulted, oppressed, beaten, threatened, harassed, tortured, raped, killed”?


    Are they put to above treatment every where by every men?

    Is every women given the above treatment world over?

    Is there any statistical data which gives comparative analysis of woman given treatment Religion wise, country wise.

    I believe that:
    Muslim women suffer the above treatment most by the hands of their fellow Muslim Men.
    Non Muslim women suffer the above treatment by the hands of Muslim Men.
    Islam orders Muslim Men to exploit, insult, oppress, beat, threaten, harrass, torture, rape, kill women on flimsy reasons.
    Where ever there is Islam on the Earth their the above treatment is given by Muslim Men to all Women irrespective of their religion. Islam gives LEGITIMACY for giving such treatment to Women.

    Islam is the epicenter of above treatment of women. All women should strive to finish the Islam, not Muslims, from the face of Earth.

    Muslims who become terrorists are not fools but they make that choice out of the conscious which they get from Islam.

    Islam is the religion which gives justification for doing any thing you want, good or bad. So terrorists do terror taking inspiration from Islam and then other Muslims say that Islam preaches good things by showing only the good part of Islam. These so called good Muslims will never discuss about the bad things the Islam preaches which shows that even their intentions are not good.

    It is the religion which justifies:
    Raping daughter in law and than making her wife,
    Marrying 6 year girl by 52 year man,
    Degrading woman to the level of prostitute by forcing the wife to sleep with other man after divorce to remarry with the first husband,
    Divorcing wife on flimsy reasons and then kicking her out with kids,
    Paying money (meher) to wife on honeymoon for doing sex with her as if she is prostitute,
    Possessing woman in Right Hand and Left Hand; In right right hand means wives and in left hand means captured woman. When wives are so much persecuted than the situation of left hand possessed woman must be like in hell.

    90% Evil of the Earth will finish once Islam is finished.

    Finish Islam not Muslims.

  4. giasuddin says

    I do agree with you 100% that sexual violence occurs everywhere in the world.
    I also do agree with you that Muslim women would suffer most the above treatment by the hands of Muslim men . In case of Non-Muslim women it is also 100% true. And so, I think that sex violence would occurs most in the Muslim country. It happens because, as you have mentioned, Islam gives legitimacy to the hatred, inhuman and barbaric treatment to women.
    You have correctly mentioned that Islam gives inspiration to the Muslims to make themselves terrorists, but the so-called progressive do not admit this. They would not discuss it , and instead of it they always propagate that Islam preaches peace and harmony. It is true that there are some verses in favor of peace and communal harmony in the Quran, but these were rejected by Muhammad himself afterwards.
    Finally I would like to say that I have some difference of opinion with your concluding comment that 90% evil of the earth will finish once Islam is finished. Of course, it can be said that a major portion of evil will certainly be removed once Islam is finished.
    Thank you so much fo your valuable post.

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