What about teh menz

Yes, you are right. You have heard exactly what Menz say.


For ‘some’ guys? Come on!


Women and children are raped everyday not by men, but by Aliens from other planets. Right?


Here I would say ‘men’ instead of ‘white men’.


I love cartoons. Don’t you, also? Why don’t you share some hilarious cartoons about ‘menz’ issues?


  1. Karen says

    Do you think it helps Feminism by resorting to cartoons to spread our message? These are serious issues, please, I implore you to stick to serious dialogue, lest we not be taken seriously.

    • says

      We’ve tried dialogue. We’ve tried explanations. We’ve tried polite discourse. We’ve tried gently redirecting the conversation. We’ve tried pointing them at exactly where we’ve addressed the issues they are ‘concerned’ about.

      I think all that’s left is mocking.

    • fork says

      No no, Karen’s right. If we’re not serious all the time, misogynists won’t be able to sneer “humourless feminists” at us, hampering their ability to make an argument. Also, don’t shave your legs or armpits or I’ll have to take away your feminist card.

    • Rebekah, the Wily Jew says

      Karen, I would think the Danish Mohammed cartoon affair would clue you in on just how seriously people take cartoons. Only leftwingers and religiosu apologists in denial about the roots of violence in Mohammed/Islam itself really dismissed the bomb-turban cartoon out of hand.

  2. wtfwhatever says

    Men hold up half the sky.

    If you want to claim Feminism is a human rights movement and there is no need for a men’s right movement because feminism is working on those issues, then you can’t ignore (and worse intentionally dismiss) the concerns of men.

    What you are Taslima, what you always show yourself to be, is a damaged, very damaged individual.

    • see_the_galaxy says

      I don’t think men are much threatened. But I am replying because you have the nerve to call Taslima Nasrin a ‘very damaged individual’ because you disagree with something she has to say (expressed as light and funny image macros). You are being ridiculous. I for one thing she does great work and I admire her stand and I admire her courage.

  3. smrnda says

    The ‘what about the menz’ is about is irritating as the ‘why isn’t there a white history month?’we get in the States.

    First, it’s a total logic fail. If I’m doing something about some particular group, say, immigrants from Africa, this does not mean that I am unconcerned about everyone else, just that I’m focused on one particular group at present.

    Second, women’s concerns and men’s concerns have not, historically, gotten equal billing. It’s like the history of gender based social concerns could be represented by the following lines of code:

    for i in range(0,10000000):
    print( “the menz”)
    print(“OMG what about the menz!”)

    On cartoons, I tend to find that they work in a way that more formal appeals don’t. I think nothing is funny unless it’s true, and a lot of cartoons like these express a truth about the world in a memorable and sometimes unsettling way, so I’m all about the cartoons.

  4. wtfwhatever says


    Boys in Custody and the Women Who Abuse Them

    by Joaquin Sapien
    ProPublica, July 2, 2013, 1:21 p.m.

    The older authority figure wins the trust of the young target by cultivating a false friendship, having heart-to-heart conversations, giving gifts, offering protection. And then the sex ensues, sometimes forced, sometimes seemingly consensual.

    It is a classic predatory tactic known as “grooming,” and no one familiar with it could have been terribly surprised when a new report from the U.S. Department of Justice declared that young people in the country’s juvenile detention facilities are being victimized in just this way. The youngsters in custody are often deeply troubled, lacking parents, looking for allies. And the people in charge of the facilities wield great power over the day-to-day lives of their charges.

    What was a genuine shock to many was the finding that in the vast majority of instances, it was female staff members who were targeting and exploiting the male teens in their custody.

    • says

      Yup this post is totally unfair to wtfwhatever! I would explain that that women talking about rape of women does not mean they are ignoring teh menz but it wouldn’t through.

  5. piegasm says

    I wonder if wtfwhatever realizes he is exemplifying the reason the “what about teh menz” meme exists?Somehow I doubt it.

    • wtfwhatever says

      I would point out that Taslima wrote:

      “Women and children are raped everyday not by men, but by Aliens from other planets. Right?”

      And this is inaccurate. Studies (see Lisak) show that the overwhelming majority of men do not rape women.

      Rape by man is perpetrated by a very small number of men that rape repeatedly are are usually known by the victim.

      So seeing the random person on the street as a rapist is a sign of mathematical innumeracy, or just sick bigotry.

      The response to Taslima’s inaccurate, bigoted statement was my demonstrating with research publishe yesterday that women apparently abuse boys.

      Why can’t women stop abusing boys?

      It’s just as stupid, no more no less, than the idiotic bigoted inaccurate statements that men rape women.

      It’s criminals and the mentally ill that rape and abuse others.

      • smrnda says

        I’d prefer that you don’t stigmatize the mentally ill further. Given the high % of people who would qualify for a DSM diagnosis of sorts, the vast majority of mentally ill people aren’t really up to anything criminal, beyond possibly speeding or other minor offenses. Also, the repeated failure of prolific criminals to be acquitted on psychiatric grounds shows that many of the worst offenders aren’t mentally il.

        Second, yeah, it’s statistically unlikely that Random Guy is going to rape me, but the problem is there’s no real way to differentiate a potential rapist from just an ordinary guy. In fact, any successful rapist (or any other criminal) is probably going to look and act as much like a harmless, law-abiding citizen as possible. It’s kind of how if I see a person bleeding on the street, I don’t *know* if there is any chance of getting hepatitis from the blood, but we’d be prudent to take precautions. There are no clear warning signs that would differentiate blood with pathogens from other blood on sight.

        So, what part of my caution around strange men are you going to take me to task for? For not wanting a strange guy I don’t know to “help me walk home” from a party? For not accepting a ride from someone? For not giving out my phone number? How would you want me to change my behavior? Not that I really want to know..

  6. Urmila Mathonkar says

    Even though males weild their penis like weapon we have films like Aitraz which say that even women can rape men.

  7. Graculus says

    Ok, logically… what about the menz? If you’re so concerned, shouldn’t you be working on establishing shelters for abused men & breaking down patriarchal stereotypes that discourage victimized men from coming forward? No, that’s not your purpose. You don’t give an airborne rodent’s left testicle about all that. The only thing you care about is your precious, delicate fee-fees and throwing a tantrum about women being equally human.

    That’s why we mock you, because “What about the Menz?” is unadulterated, hypocritical bullshit that’s as mature as a toddler screaming in the candy aisle, with no purpose other than to shut down discussion & understanding.

    TL;DR – Go pet a cactus.

  8. Daaru Johnson says

    Activism should be present where activism is needed, and while I am usually against any kind of men’s rights organisations I am also usually against feminist organisations where I live (in other places, I recognize the need for feminist organizations because gross inequality exists; I am from USA). The purpose of both of these organization types seems outdated, as men and women are rather equal today. Most of the grievances proposed by “both sides” are individual cases, and while the cases should be corrected they don’t warrant any kind of action. These kind of cases are usually anomalies and don’t appear again afterwards due to their uncommon/rare status. Also, these cases usually can’t be prevented because prevention involves a literal restructuring of societal norms which is a bit difficult for an organization to achieve.

  9. Crunchy Renee says

    # 10 probably thinks men and women are equal because he is A MAN, and has NO idea what its like being female. Just because we aren’t being stoned to death in the streets doesn’t mean we are equal.
    Pick up a book, look around, get a clue.

    I really love how the men showed up to prove the durability and truth of the Meme. right on cue!

  10. Jeanette says

    Thank you Taslima for making me laugh! You are so right-these “men’s rights activists” surely have their foot up their ass! It’s so typical that when women speak of important women’s issues affecting WOMEN, men come in and say..”duhhh-what about US?!” What about YOU? Ha! Guys, can you please temporarily pull your head out from your ass and realize that these are women’s issues, and they need to be addressed? Yes, aliens are not the ones raping women-MEN ARE!! Talk about DENIAL on men’s part. What shall it take for guys to realize that if they stopped raping women-THERE WOULD BE NO RAPE! Several, several years ago, feminist icon Andrea Dworkin asked for a “24 hour truce where there is NO RAPE.” Did she get your wish? Of course not. Taslima-please read about Andrea Dworkin..I think you’d really love her work, if you haven’t read about her already 🙂 Women are constantly under siege in this world. We have to “be careful” of where we go, how we dress, what we say, how we breathe…Gee, we ARE human beings with feelings right? Anger is an emotion that I feel alot these days. I am very grateful for this, because years ago, I used to hurt MYSELF when I got angry. Me. Maybe because Joshua decided to call me a c**t, or because I was raped at age 20. Nowadays, I get in touch with my rage. I own it. I say what I feel needs to be said, and if people do not like it, they do not have to listen. Afterall, we live in na country that promotes “free speech” right?

  11. crake says

    Making fun of boys who are raped by men is not feminism. Mocking their suffering is not feminism either. All it’s doing it keeping them from reporting the abuse and adding to tally of young men who commit suicide (80 percent of suicides). Mocking the weakness of such males and thereby ignoring this critical issue is just more of the same kind of patriarchy, and BOTH sexes are perpetuating it.

    Patriarchy affects both sexes. It’s time people of both sexes figured this out.

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